Raw Sex

“Let me eat your pussy for as long as you want.”

Clearly he had enough of just seeing and hearing. He wanted to touch and taste too.

It wasn’t the first time I’d been offered oral sex on tap by online suitors but this caught me in a moment of absolute weakness. I was feeling unbearably horny when I woke up that morning and as though he read my mind, he messaged me with that proposal. He promised it would be all about my pleasure and nothing in return was expected.

Raw Sex

I had always fantasised about inviting a man over to indulge my sexual needs; to have his tongue and fingers explore me and allow me to enjoy the delicious sensations at leisure. The sex I have is often rushed or planned. Rarely do I fuck when I really want to, nevermind get oral sex. It’s not my husband’s fault. Life is busy and spontaneous, raw sex is a distant memory.

I always dismiss such offers but this morning, the voice of reason was barely a whisper. Attempts to decline were ushered away by the pervasive thought of having a stranger’s head between my legs. I accepted the proposal, reminding him that sex was off the table. He said only his tongue would enter me. I felt myself moisten as I gave him my address.

When he arrived, I was relieved that he was as attractive as his online profile suggested. We greeted each other with a kiss and exchanged first names. There was no immediate spark between us but I easily imagined myself on the receiving end of his oral skills. I guided him to my bedroom where we sat on the bed and engaged in small talk until we both felt it was appropriate to proceed.

I lay back on the bed in anticipation. He hovered over me and kissed my mouth. We were essentially two strangers so the kiss felt awkward at first. Like the small talk, it wasn’t necessary but at the same time it seemed odd to not engage above the neck before going below the belt. The exchange was pleasant nonetheless and my lips soon enjoyed being against his.

I took off my jumper, freeing my breasts which he enthusiastically took into his hands. He nibbled and sucked on my nipples which duly responded to the attention. We kissed again and this time there was real passion. We both relaxed and let the mutual lust ignite, accepting that we were simply two bodies brought together purely for pleasure.

He removed the rest of my clothes and spread my legs apart. He kissed my mound before moving his mouth lower towards the outer lips of my pussy. I knew I was soaking wet and this pleased him. He eagerly licked up my juices, making me gasp with the fervour with which he used his tongue. He paused to get undressed and I briefly considered the danger of having a hard cock exposed to me.

I was in no rush to cum. I lay back and enjoyed every flick as my clit swelled in response. I moaned at the intense pleasure the firm tip of his tongue unleashed once he found the right angle. It didn’t take long until an orgasm took over my body. I grabbed at his head, taking no risk in having his mouth move off me too soon. He in turn clasped my other hand into his, as though to assure me he knew what I needed.

He moved over me once again to kiss me. I tasted myself on his lips. It was a deeply intimate kiss between two strangers who were now decidedly less so. I felt the head of his cock rest against my still throbbing pussy. Reaching down, I grabbed his shaft to provide a barrier before guiding his head as far inside me as I dared. I wanted to let him enjoy my wetness before using my mouth to drain him.

He kissed me hard, groaning as I stroked my wet, swollen lips with his head. I occasionally let it feel the tightness of my hole which was all but inviting him in. My hand remained diligently around the shaft even though with every stroke he tried to get more of his cock inside me. We both wanted the same thing. I never wanted to be penetrated more than I did that moment.

I realised then that I was fighting nature. His cock was meant to be inside me. I resisted for one moment longer before releasing my grip. He entered me immediately, understanding that I had surrendered to my urges. He groaned with relief as he put his entire length deep into me. I doubt he knew the true privilege of taking me bareback but I could tell the wet warmth was what he craved.

We fucked like proverbial animals, oblivious to anything other than the mutual pleasure our sex organs derived from each other. He took hold of my thighs and pushed them apart further, going deeper still into me. I screamed from the intensity and with one look told him I was at his.

He pulled out suddenly and smirked.

“Say please fuck me.”

With that, I was owned.


  1. Definitely got caught up in this one. It was so erotic. Now I’m in need of a play session or a cold shower and a glass of Johnny walker black

  2. I like your writing style Emma, but have never been a fan of first-person narratives (outside marketing spiels or autobiographies). This one though… steamy!

    I must admit to a certain satisfaction upon reading “I realised then that I was fighting nature.”; it’s just in me to love it when the intellectual loses out to the primal.

  3. LOVE it, so HOT. I thoroughly enjoy providing Margo with no obligation pleasure and orgasm whenever she desires it… although she usually ends up craving cock in her pussy, just like your story 🙂

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