Reader Question: Kids Finding Out!

“We may be all in lust about the hotwifing thing but what about the kids?
I wouldn’t want to have a mother who’s shared like that to many men, with picture and videos of her sucking cocks and getting fucked all over the internet. I don’t bash the lifestyle, but I really think doing it and record in it while being parents is selfish.
What if your kid(s) learn about it ( ex : by some friends at school or other means ). What if someone show them the content ? Way to ruin a child life, way to ruin a family. There is always a risk, and the people who paid the promiscuity price are living a nightmare.”

How do you know your mother doesn’t enjoy the company of other men with her husband’s consent? How do you know if she likes anal, or loves to play with other women. Are you sure she doesn’t have a full wardrobe of latex and leather gear that she saves for special weekends? The main thing is: you don’t know, and you don’t need to know. It’s none of your damned business what your mother does.

Kids Finding OutAn individual’s sex life is private and it shouldn’t matter how mild or wild someone does it. There are doubtless many activities that we do on our own or within the traditional bounds of a monogamous relationship that we don’t want our kids to know about either because sex, regardless of how it’s done, is personal. How you go about fucking people should only be shared on a need-to-know basis.

I take your point however that kids finding out is entirely possible whether through carelessly stored home videos or because a Hotwife isn’t concentrating on who she’s texting at 3am. I completely agree that this is inappropriate, and as parents, it’s our responsibility to ensure that underage children are shielded from any form of adult content, never mind that which features their own parent/s. However, this is all really commonsense I would hope.

Obviously, I enjoy filming some of my Hotwifing adventures for the enjoyment of my husband and I, as well as to share via Only Fans and other platforms to tickle my exhibitionism fancy. We are very discreet with our filming and I am very careful not to reveal anything about me that may identify me to anyone. I am aware of many people (just look at Twitter) who are content to have their face shown but that’s their choice. It’s not my place to say if they are right or wrong, or if by doing so, they are bad parents.

Personally, I think there are much worse things that children can find out about their parents and as with anything, if tackled well with honesty and contrition, a family can move forward. Of course, there are more severe outcomes that can impact on a child’s life and a parent should do everything they can to avoid those. For that reason, I do urge anyone with an interest in filming sexually explicit content to think twice about what is shown, who it’s shown to, how it’s shown and where it’s stored.

Parenting needs to balanced perfectly with an individual’s right and desire to live life to the fullest. Every adult should weight up the risks associated with their lifestyle, be it an alternative sexual practice, or drug use or recreational interests. Many fun things come with some risk but where do you draw the line? I personally would never go sky-diving, but I wouldn’t tell another person that they are a bad parent for taking that particular risk. I would assume they know what they are doing and they’ve done everything possible to avoid the worst case scenario.

Hotwifing is no different.


  1. Hi love this website thank you so much for all your thoughts and work
    Wanted to ask as cannot find your email addy as would love to ask some differing things .

  2. My wife and I have been married for ten years, and been into cuckolding while eating. We tell her children that mom has boyfriend’s. When I’m away do to work, we explain that mom’s friend is a substitute dad just like a substitute teacher at school.

    • Oh, I like that analogy! I think at the right age and upbringing, kids kinda get it and move on to things that are far more interesting to them lol

  3. Nothing is more disturbing than sexual perversion except when that perversion hurts children. Then it’s just cruel! Obviously, your lust and perversion is more important than real love. That includes real love for yourself, your husband, and your children! I have 10 children. My wife and I have been married for 34 years. And I can attest to what true love is as a father and husband. And believe me, the children will always find out. And something this disturbing will, in fact, hurt them deeply. It could even destroy them. It’s despicable that you speak of it so casually and disrespect not only yourself and husband, but even your children. Deplorable!

    • Dude, if you’ve got 10 kids then hats off to you but what are you doing commenting on a blog that has nothing to do with you, nor anything you’re likely to be interested in trying? If I had 10 kids, I wouldn’t likely be here or entertaining the idea of having sex with my husband, nevermind other men. I’d be too fucking exhausted. But you know what? I’m not judging you, so maybe you should get offline and focus on your own world?

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