Review: Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit

I’m sad to report that my We-Vibe Melt died. I had this particular toy for just over a year and it just stopped charging properly over the last few months. We-Vibe don’t make cheap toys so I kinda expected it to last a little longer, but based on other clitoral air-pulsing/suction toys I’ve had, I think a year of fairly consistent usage is about all you can hope for! At any rate, I’m not going to Consumer Affairs to argue otherwise.

Satisfyer Pro RabbitIf you aren’t familiar with air-pulsing toys, they are pretty much the gold standard for clitoral stimulation these days. Where we once only had the buzzy sensations of vibrators to get ourselves off, we now have way better options. Of course, a good vibration is still magical, but it’s the pulsating, repetitive thudding on our clit that brings the girls to the yard in 2021. In my opinion, it’s the closest sensation to receiving oral sex.

Anyway, it was a no-brainer that I’d choose yet another pulsing toy as a replacement, but I wasn’t keen on shelling out the coins for another We-Vibe Melt or a mid-priced Womanizer, when previous experience generally proved that spending over $150 didn’t guarantee a toy that lasts more than a year. I should add however that both the We-Vibe Melt and Womanizer’s Liberty are truly outstanding toys. Oh the orgasms… It’s only the longevity that puts me off buying again at the moment.

I’m not pinching my pennies thankfully, but I thought I’d give some of the lower priced toys a go until the next big thing arrives on the sex toy market. Satisfyer has consistently made great suction and pulse toys so I figured I’d try something a little different too by ordering the Satisfyer Pro Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator. Up until now I had only used standalone air-pulse toys so I liked the idea of trying one that offered some insertion and vibration pleasure as well. Triple the fun right?

Unfortunately once you deviate from the rule of KISS in concept, the application kinda gets a bit messed up too. Well what can be harder than inserting a dildo and pressing buttons? Welcome to the wildly variable world of the female anatomy! I’m not built oddly or differently but I did read a few reviews that suggested some All-in-One toys won’t necessarily suit all bodies. Indeed, it took a fair bit of time to adjust the Satisfyer Pro Rabbit to my liking.

After some fumbling around in bed, I finally figured out that things might be more fun standing up in the shower with the Satisfyer Pro Rabbit. I rarely masturbate in the shower but this was one toy that benefited from the lubrication of warm water and being upright. It actually didn’t take long to get all the right sensations in place for a very powerful orgasm. It took a few more plays to get accustomed to the various settings and power levels, but the effort was worth it, as you can see in my videos.

So am I happy with this purchase? Yes and no. It’s totally all on me for not considering that an insertable toy isn’t entirely convenient or efficient. The We-Vibe Melt was perfect for when I wanted to cum and go in minutes, without having to get naked, or worry about which time of the month it was. And it was really quiet. The Satisfyer Pro Rabbit isn’t horribly loud but it’s by no means a quick fuck. Like the Thruster and Fun Factory’s Stronic Bi Fusion, it’s a toy that’s best reserved for long self-care sessions.

When I’m not in a rush, the Satisfyer Pro Rabbit is pretty awesome. It provides the sexy pulsating sensations on the clit while delivering some deep rumbling on the G-Spot. The vibrator can be distracting at times but for women who want to connect their clitoral orgasms with penetrative stimulation, it’s a fantastic toy to experiment with. It’s not going to get me squirting unfortunately (so far, fingers and seriously bent cocks only work) but I’m enjoying the double delivery of pleasure.

Annoyingly though, I ended up ordering another toy shortly after (another Satisfyer item) as I do want the option of having a quick orgasm that doesn’t involve penetration. There is no way you can use the Rabbit for the air-pulse feature on its own and for various reasons, I’m not always down for penetration. So my intention to try a cheaper toy was a false economy in the end, though the other Satisfyer wasn’t that expensive either. I’ll review that one another time!

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