My Self Pleasure Sessions

As a shared wife, I have the best of both worlds insofar as sex is concerned. I have loving, satisfying and regular sex with my husband, but I also get to experience the deliriously wild pleasure of fucking other men, both with my husband present as well as occasionally on my own. I can hardly complain of being left wanting sexually!

Self Pleasure

Truth be told, in spite of the many naughty Hotwifing adventures I’ve taken part in, some of the best orgasms I’ve had were delivered by… me! Yes, I could easily count myself as one of the best lovers I’ve been with. No one else knows my physical responses better nor of the deep, dark, secret fantasies that reside in my head. Needless to say, I make time for self pleasure as often as I can.

You may ask why I need to flick the bean if I’m getting regular sex from various sources. Why choose self pleasure when I could easily get a guy over to perform oral sex on me? There’s certainly nothing much hotter than the frenzied coupling of two or more bodies, but solo sex also offers many benefits, especially for a Hotwife like myself.

Sometimes I don’t want to rely on another human being to give me sexual pleasure. Even if I’m not obliged to reciprocate, I nonetheless feel compelled to repay the favour. Masturbation is an entirely selfish exercise which is exactly what a shared wife needs at times. I love being shared, but occasionally I just want to focus on myself.

Masturbation is also great for enhancing sexual response which only makes sex better overall. I love to masturbate to work out what turns me on: literally. There are so many buttons that I’m only just starting to learn about so I can often be found in a pushing frenzy (if you’re lucky). There are erogenous zones that I’m only just getting access to now as get older.

At the moment, the button I’m a little bit obsessed with is my G Spot. Once I learned that I could squirt, I’ve been keen to work out the best methods to make it happen by myself. I know the sensation to aim for and whenever I do manage to hit it, it’s electric. I recently invested in the Njoy Pure Wand which is ridiculously good at rubbing the G Spot the right way. A pricey sex toy, but well worth the investment. And so shiny!

Modern adult toys also encourage me to experiment. Where once a woman was limited to spartan vibrators and smelly plastic dildos, today’s sex shop is a veritable treasure chest of masturbatory delight. Why on Earth wouldn’t I masturbate? In particular, I love the alternatives to vibration you can get now and I’m certainly eyeing off the thrusting dildos.

Finally, I masturbate because sometimes there’s no one around and I really just need to come. When the urge is that strong I could happily lie on my bed and fuck myself over and over all day. It’d be nice to have a man or two to do it for me, but it’s not always possible nor appropriate. Self pleasure is then simply a means for gratifying that primal need for sexual release.

At the end of the day, my needs don’t differ that greatly to anyone else. I’m blessed to have a rich sex life but a good part of that comes from the time I take to enjoy and learn about my own body.


  1. Yes ofcourse, self love is fun. But is to truely self love. I am pretty sure you have a picture in your head as you are thrusting that dildo or playing with yourself, you are imagining someone doing something to you. Or is it just men who imagine and visualise. Love your thoughts..

    • Actually an interesting thought but self love can be very much about fantasising over a particular person or scenario, or you can focus entirely on the act of masturbating which is pretty intense in itself and probably more enriching in terms of learning about physical responses.

  2. I love the way you describe hotwifing in the first paragraph as it is exactly how my wife describes her sex life. She is so thankful that I’m the type of husband that encourages her to find other sexual experiences even though, by most any measure, we have an excellent sex life. Love your blog, thank you for writing it.

    • Thank you! I’m never one to rely on another person to achieve fulfillment and there’s so much to be learnt from masturbating. If anything, understanding your responses on your own makes sex with another person better 🙂

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