Send Nudes. Please?

So if you’ve been following my escapades via Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Only Fans, you’ll know that I am not shy about showing off my body and the things I like having done to it. I’m an exhibitionist at heart so as long as there are people interested in looking, I’m more than happy to provide some naughty entertainment, whether through free platforms or paid.

Send NudesAs there are literally thousands of sexy ladies showing their privates online, I’m genuinely grateful for the share of attention I get and let me take this opportunity to say thank you! My followers have been courteous and respectful, and happy to wait for whatever I can post depending on my crazy real life schedule. Fortunately, they are also avid followers of other accounts so my failing to post something hourly is hardly giving them blue balls.

On the flipside, there is a small percentage of followers who ask me to send nudes despite the many channels I offer for people to ogle my body. The smarter ones run off and chase up my freely available photos, but the super tenacious insist on getting exclusive snaps. Many do offer to send me one back to sweeten the deal! If I’m in a good mood, I’ll play mind games with them. If I’m busy, the block button comes in mighty handy.

There’s an assumption that sexually confident women who post nudes and explicit videos online must want to provide sexy snaps on demand. It’s hard to understand that a social media persona doesn’t always accurately depict the woman on the other side of the keyboard. She may have felt like a naughty slut taking pics of herself last night, but the next day she could be yelling at staff or sorting the laundry. She is not going to send you nudes just you think she’s a nympho 24/7.

I get that it’s nice to have the personal touch and receive a pic that’s especially for you but they have to be earned as far as I am concerned. For this busy working mother, manners and charm go a long way. I have actual playfriends who I send nudes to, as well as prospective Bulls who I like dangling a juicy carrot in front of. Beyond that, I mostly only have the time, energy and inclination to post to Twitter, Instagram and Only Fans. Don’t even talk to me about Snapchat!

Although I enjoy posting stuff for free, I use Only Fans for a number of reasons. I am conscious of my privacy so I limit the more explicit and personal content to that platform. If anyone is that keen to see what I get up to with my Bulls, then I think it’s fair to charge a small fee. I usually direct the super demanding pic hunters to Only Fans. In fact, it’s certainly shown who’s willing to put their money where their mouth is. Men who offer to buy me lingerie and expensive heels are actually the least likely to subscribe!

So how do you get your favourite online hotties to send nudes for free? Be a nice, respectful fan. As slutty as a woman may come across, choose your words wisely. The invitation is to admire, not present fifty different ways you’d like to make her squeal. If an Insta Babe is showing off her new gym pants don’t be so quick to point out her camel toe. We women much prefer hearing that our eyes or smile drive you wild instead of our more obvious assets.

A lot of online models demand a financial incentive to provide special content, but many still enjoy posting nudes just for compliments. I won’t pretend that it doesn’t stroke the ego to have a bunch of people tell you how hot you are. That being the incentive for most of us, it’s a no-brainer therefore that being consistent and flattering with your comments online will get you noticed, and perhaps duly rewarded. Be persistent without being annoying and you might just get a token of appreciation.


  1. In a normal world, you wouldn’t have to point this out… Some just don’t get it. Thank you for sharing your pics and being lovely in responding to my wife indirectly and myself.

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