Sex Things Guys Love

It might just be me but lately I’ve noticed some common denominator sex acts that guys seem to be really into these days. I’m making this assertion based on an observational period of ten years during which I fucked a lot of guys. Guys seem to enjoy certain sex things more than they ever did.

Sex Things
I can think of more pleasant ways to mess up my make up…

I could probably write a paper on this (this could be a very interesting PhD thesis) but I suspect that the Internet is to blame. No medium has encouraged trends to move harder and faster than the world wide web. Just look at how many girls are getting their lips blown out with fillers thanks to a Kardashian or two. Fillers existed well before Kim filmed her first sex tape but now the uptake for things that are ‘in’ (or fleek, right?) is ravenous.

This being the case, maybe it’s no surprise that younger guys (say under 35) are turned on by popular porn genres today (including Hotwifing and Cuckolding) and want to emulate various dirty sex acts they’ve seen with women who are less likely to be offended (ie – Hotwives). I seriously doubt these guys would ever ask a potential girlfriend to do half the stuff that gets proposed to me in one evening!

Anyway, here are some sex things that I can guarantee will be requested or carried out during a sex session with moi:


Gagging seems to have moved from the fetish scene to the mainstream and men seem to think it’s hot. Coming from a person who has a very strong gag reflex, it’s not a pleasant feeling at all. There’s nothing hot about the fear of bringing up your dinner over your new play mate. Don’t get me wrong, I get why it’s a turn on for guys. Gagging must make them feel like their cock is massive (never mind that a finger can do the same job…). I actually don’t mind a guy getting a little vigorous with their face-fucking and I’ve learnt to add a coy smile as I expertly stave the gag reflex away. Still, if a man wants that whole messed-up face look, they need to move on to the next gal!


Is squirting the Holy Grail of female orgasm? I won’t deny that the sensation is amazing. The first time. If a guy is over-zealous in his desire to make you squirt over and over again, you soon just feel like some dairy cow getting milked of whatever it is that squirting fluid is (the last I read, there is some urine involved). Once a guy learns that you have squirted once before, it’s game on. Instead of delicious oral with some light finger work, I seem to get guys jamming as many fingers in as possible followed by rapid-fire pumping. Unfortunately it is all in the technique, or you have to be almost machine like in your action. If neither things are quite right, I just end up sore. Great for ladies who love squirting. The rest of us enjoy staying dry.

Fifty Shades of WTF?

I think Fifty Shades is to blame for a lot of guys channeling their inner Dom without actually checking to see if he was ever actually in the house in the first place. Whatever your take on the Dom/Sub relationship, or your thoughts on the franchise giving men permission to be violent towards women, there are definitely more men freely ascribing themselves as ‘dominant’. Now, I do enjoy being taken control of but I’m by no means a submissive. I also don’t actually get off on spanking or hair-pulling that much but since they come under the giant umbrella of Dom must-dos, it’s administered quite liberally whether I ask for it or not. For most part I don’t mind but if it feels staged and the guy is playing a role, it’s time to get my clothes on.

Hard Fucking à la Cirque du Soleil

Most women enjoy the proverbial good, hard fuck. After all, there’s nothing particularly sexy about a penis insipidly moving in and out of you. As a friend of mine once said though, younger guys seem to only have one speed setting: Fast and hard. Being a woman, I can only imagine that it feels good to get an engorged cock all the way into a woman’s pussy, as opposed to just half way. I do love being filled but there’s a limit to the enjoyment, especially when penis meets cervix (#ouch). Guys seem intent on finding the best angles and positions to maximise hard fucking which is OK for minutes at a time but if he wants to go for longer than 30 minutes, that’s when I tap out. My tip? Vibrators come with multiple settings for a reason. We may not use them all, but we don’t always use the fastest setting either. Mix things up boys!


  1. I’m not into my wife gagging. No thanks. Also, no thanks to squirting. Dominance? That’s complicated. I do like to slap my wife on the ass in doggy style but that’s it. Hard fucking? Oh yeah. But not always. She likes to be hammered hard and deep so it’s what we both like. My my number 1 thing is the facial. For some reason, I also think the handjob is way under-rated.

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