Sexual Culture Clash

Not bragging, but I have enjoyed my share of men (and women) who hail from other lands. Mind you, it’s not hard to get some international interactions happening in Australia since we have a steady stream of both short and long term visitors to our shores. For a while, it seemed like every second guy on The Site was Irish. For the record, I haven’t had sex with an Irishman. Yet.

Culture Clash
United Colours of Benetton Gang Bang anyone?

My play date with an Italian guy last weekend got me thinking though, how do cultural differences hamper or enhance sexual interludes? Do we sometimes choose to shag or not shag someone because of their nationality (or race)? Would we have bothered going to the trouble of meeting M if he wasn’t from Italy? I know my husband thought a little foreign correspondence would be fun. And it was…

I had met Italian people before but M was the first guy I really engaged with socially and then sexually (other than a random Italian guy who was at the gang bang I hijacked…). There were some initial nerves, mainly due to how gorgeous and other-worldly he seemed, but I eventually relaxed. M was indeed stereotypically charming and courteous, but his Italian-ess wasn’t such that we had a major culture clash. We got along just fine.

Sexually, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would M be passionate and sensual beyond the average Australian guy? Yes, sex is essentially about getting hard cock into wet pussy but would he expect me to do something specific? Coming from a traditionally macho culture, M was noticeably more dominant but it came naturally to him rather than it being put on for the sake of current sexual trend. He was very Rocco Siffredi at times 😉 I’m not submissive by any means but I was more than happy to be used like a sex toy on this occasion.

Obviously this encounter was a successful international exchange but there have been moments where I just haven’t gelled sexually with a guy because of culture clash. As an Aussie, I usually get along with Kiwi and British guys since they are culturally familiar to me but American and South African men take some getting used to even though language isn’t a barrier. German and Scandinavian guys are hard to read sexually, and Asian and Indian guys are often so culturally different where sex is concerned that I haven’t gone there as yet.

I guess the key factor is familiarity. The less we feel out of our comfort zone, the more likely we’ll open up both socially and sexually. On the other hand, some people are excited by the unknown and I suppose as long as sex is the common language, it can be a massive thrill to experience something unfamiliar. I can only imagine what it’d be like to have sex with a guy who didn’t speak English at all. Perhaps lack of verbal cues would heighten other senses and make for some very hot sex.

The less adventurous may feel hesitant about meeting people from other countries, but I think it’s a wonderfully enriching experience overall, even if the sex doesn’t turn out as optimally as one would like. I do naturally err towards meeting fellow Aussies but I wouldn’t rule out more international experiences if the opportunity arises again.


  1. Fascinating subject and how refreshing to hear someone’s open-minded point of view at times of such racial unrest. I agree with you Emma in so many aspects: cultural differences, I think, do play an important role in any sexual interaction. More than culture itself, I think background, perceptions, values, beliefs and behaviours (which could ultimately define culture per se, as I think of it) are key in making or breaking any encounter.

    Regardless of the other person’s background I think it’s the role of any partner to make the other person feel at ease. One might have ideas on specific things and those might or might not be shared between a couple, but I do believe that one of the main ingredients for a successful encounter is to make the other person comfortable, at ease, relaxed and above all respected. Yes, of course, there can be naughty and kinky play (exciting!), but I totally believe making people feel ‘at home’ even though they might be out of their comfort zone is key.

    Playing it safe, as well as challenging one’s own’s beliefs can be as exciting. It’s up to your partner to ensure you’re in an atmosphere conducive to physical, mental and why not, emotional connection.

    • Thanks for your feedback. You’re spot on with your comments. It’s been quite exciting to discover sexual cultural differences but to an extent I think sex in itself is a common language and it’s not hard to work out how to please each other.

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