Sexually Assertive Women

Pushy is not something I would describe myself as but my experience with J is making me wonder. Perhaps when it comes to sex, I do come on too strong. When I want a man sexually I’m not shy about telling him so, and for most part the man in question is pretty pleased about it. That is of course until he’s actually got to get his penis out for me.

Sexually Assertive

I don’t think pushy is really the right word. I consider myself sexually assertive which, as far as I’m concerned, is something all modern women should be. If sexually assertive means being decisive and pro-active about my sexuality then I’m super proud to be labelled as such. Unfortunately this label also gets in the way of getting laid at times.

We’ve come a long way sexually in the new millennium but my experiences (even since starting this blog) suggests that there are still many men who would prefer that women weren’t so forthcoming with their sexual desires and demands. It’s fine to tell a guy that you’re horny and send Snapchats of your new lingerie, but dare to take the initiative to make sex happen and be prepared for a night of self lovin’.

I have been in touch with a considerable number of men via The Site, many of whom are supposedly seeking a threesome experience with a couple. Most are genuine in their intentions but of those, only a small pool of guys I’m attracted to will eventually make a plan with me. Many conveniently disappear when I ask the the hard question,

“Are you free tonight and do you want to fuck?”

They reappear later on with the usual excuses as to why they didn’t respond and oh, would I be free the next weekend?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually very considerate in regards to guys who are willing to join in my husband and I for fun. However, if you’re going to put your name in the hat then be prepared to collect the prize. I could pretend to be all demure and let the guy feel in control but that’s just not me at this point in my life and I need men who can deal with that.


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