Sexy Hookups in COVID Times

So we’re more than a year into this pandemic and I can’t overstate how much the world has changed since we first heard the word corona used without a slice of lime in sight. Our vocabulary has burgeoned with new terminologies, as have our pantries with instant noodles and cans of soup. And who’d have thought in 2019 that we’d be keeping masks handy at all times in case a snap lockdown is announced? Man, things were so simple once upon a time.

COVID’s had a fair impact on the lifestyle too, giving an entirely new meaning to safe sex. I remember the initial two months of the pandemic were so confusing, uncertain and scary that I don’t think even the horniest of the horny had sex on their minds. Even if you were keen, you weren’t allowed to go out or invite people over so in effect, COVID put an end to meeting people for recreational sex. Kids or other people living in your home proved to be an added incentive to do the right thing too. Being a good role model involves sexy sacrifices!

Of course, all was not lost. As different industries around the world adapted to the challenges of COVID, so too did people in the swinging or Hotwifing lifestyle. Yeah, it’s hard to beat actual physical contact, but the alternatives are certainly better than doing nothing and getting horribly sexually frustrated. So for any new couples who had hoped to get into Hotwifing but are wary of any issues related to our new world order, here are some tips and advice:

  • Unsure about Hotwifing? Not being able to instantly go out and meet random strangers at a bar isn’t a bad thing at all, especially if you’re not 100% ready. Take the time-out to go over any rules and expectations before meeting a Bull. It’s not the sexiest aspect of Hotwifing but it’s essential to ensure you keep on Hotwifing even if the first date is a bust.
  • Your Idea Bull – Make a checklist for what you both want out of a Bull. Think about what are deal-breakers and what are deal-makers. There’s no point arranging a meet with ‘some guy’ if he doesn’t tick any of your boxes. Time’s too precious to waste these days!
  • Online Dating – There’s a lot of resistance to using dating Apps or websites to meet Bulls but we need to take more care than ever before when it comes to face-to-face contact, so get used to the idea.
  • Sexy Photo Shoots – Whether for your online profile, or for sharing with regular and potential Bulls, bring out your lingerie stash and take some sexy new photos. Staying at home is fun if you picture each room as a naughty backdrop for snaps.
  • Webcam Chat/Sexting – Can’t play with your potential Bull right away? Get some foreplay started with some online teasing. If you’re a visual type, then I don’t need to explain how fun webcamming is. If you’re not keen on showing, then just tell what you want your Bull to do to you with some hot sexting.
  • Hotwife Challenges – If you haven’t seen them on Twitter or elsewhere online, these are fun challenges that a Stag can give his Vixen. They can be mild to very wild and many are perfect for remote play or when you’re stuck at home. I can think of some great balcony challenges for apartment dwelling couples!
  • Hooray Bluetooth – There’s an abundance of great sex toys with Bluetooth capabilities on the market so grab one to give your Stag and/or Bulls control over your orgasms. Chaturbate performers (including me) still rate Lovense’s Lush vibe very highly for remote play.
  • Staycation – We can’t travel as much as we’re used to so make your local digs a special destination. Pick out an area you haven’t explored before or maybe check out that new hotel. There’s bound to be some great deals at the moment so if you don’t have to stay home, get a room and tell that Bull to come on over.

No doubt the next few years ahead will still involve restrictions and sudden lockdowns but until the majority of the world gets vaccinated and/or the coronovirus weakens, it’s important to know that you can still enjoy aspects of your sex life from the safety of your own home. I’m currently not able to actively meet new Bulls but it’s still fun to have some online flirtations.


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