Unhung Heroes: Small Penis Appreciation

In spite of my enthusiastic mentions of big cocks in my blog, I am actually not a size queen. Sure, I did spend an entire post lauding the virtues of thick penises and long penises, but I am not personally obsessed with size. Truth be told, I have had my share of underwhelming sex with well hung guys. While a big penis may be a strong point of consideration on a guy’s sexual resume, size alone won’t get him the job. In short, I would not meet a guy just because he has a ten-inch cock.

Small Penis

So how about the flip-side? Would I meet a guy with a small penis who is otherwise absolutely amazing in all ways? If it was entirely up to me, I would say yes. I would be more than happy to meet a guy over a drink or two and see if there’s any hot sexual chemistry between us to work with. If I can see myself having sex with him, then I’ll cross the small penis bridge when I get to it.

However, in our Hotwife relationship, my choice in sexual partner isn’t entirely up to me. Curiously, my husband is the size queen in our partnership and prefers that we play with guys who are well endowed. For your information, my husband is very much straight and of average size in the penis department. It’s just that when it comes to watching me in the throes of passion with another man, he prefers seeing me impaled by a visually large member. Fair enough.

As I mentioned before, I have had dreadful sex involving large penises. One of my earlier boyfriends was hung but completely oblivious to how big he was. He had no idea how to use his gift and since he thought oral sex was for ‘women you love’, I basically endured one minute of unsatisfactory penetration relying on five minutes of equally unsatisfying foreplay. Needless to say, I moved on. In retrospect, I would have preferred a short dicked guy who knew how to lick.

Conversely, I’ve had gloriously good sex with just five inches of cock. Its owner was a confident man who I fell for the moment I met him. I didn’t even think he had a small penis and yes, I know that five inches is hardly tiny. However, in the world of swinging and recreational sex, men have to be fairly comfortable with their size so five inches is about the smallest you’ll see put out there for consumption.

Speaking of which, I can’t say I’ve come across a micropenis in my travels but I understand most owners aren’t likely to parade their goods to the world unless they are into small penis humiliation which is a niche of its own. I’m too much of a nice person to get into that!

So, in the name of taking the focus off ‘bigger is better’, here are some reasons why a small penis is a good penis:

  • If you like anal stimulation but find average and larger penises too painful, a smaller guy is perfect for anal sex.
  • Many guys with smaller penises are very good at foreplay and will aim to get you off well before penetration.
  • You can experiment with angles and positions for some G-Spot stimulation with a small penis.
  • If you have a sensitive gag reflex then performing oral sex on a small penis won’t make you retch.
  • Women who for various reasons can’t enjoy penetration may feel more comfortable with a small penis.
  • Women who want to experiment with double penetration may want one partner with a small penis.

If you can think of other advantages, please let me know 😉


  1. I have a small penis in the lifestyle – 5” and thin, but I read that it’s average worldwide. My wife has always had more partners than me, but since I’ve noticed women have been disappointed in my size, I’ve gotten more and more into Hotwife/Stag and less into swinging. Maybe it’s just easier / more likely to be a great night. That’s not to say that there aren’t women that don’t care, it’s just that a lot in the lifestyle, and a lot of Hotwives, strongly prefer larger cocks. While some of my turn away from swinging is confidence related, that was just a tiny push towards what I think my true preference is: wife-only promiscuity. We don’t do small penis humiliation, but when neither of us can feel anything when I’m fucking her after she’s been with a much larger man, we do eroticise it with a lot of really dirty talk about how thoroughly he used her and stretched her, and that’s amazing!

    • Yeah, I think penises under 5″ and over 9″ are actually in the minority group but because we see so many monster cocks via porn, we tend to think that bigger is the norm. There’s a limit to what’s enjoyable though! My latest playfriend is big but I find that he can’t really pound me hard. As much as he does feel good inside me, I think I do prefer a size that can perform ‘no holes barred’ fucking, including oral. Swinging is a minefield of demoralisation at times. The Hotwife/Stag lifestyle suits us better too as it’s so hard finding a compatible couple. We don’t mind one-off encounters in swinging when lust takes over and the minor details don’t derail a good time but for most part, my husband likes watching me with other men. Less complicated!

  2. Yes i think that is quite true and very well explained i think that some of us men just can’t believe how much a woman can take and we wish that we had a bit more to give to make our women scream also.

    • Ha ha true! Though there certainly is a limit as I’ve discovered recently. To be honest, it’s all fun as long as everyone involved are confident and know how to give pleasure one way or another.

  3. Everyone having fun is important, I’m another only reaching 5 inches and am the smallest guy my wife has been with but she’s happy with me, though when she plays she prefers nothing more than 8 inches otherwise she finds it too uncomfortable

    • To be honest, I think most women find penises over 8/9 inches hard to take, at least when going hard and rough. Some however do enjoy it as they (like penises) have a longer than average vagina so to get that sensation of being filled, they need the monster cocks.

  4. my husband has a small penis he asked me one day how he measured up to my prior boyfriends, i really did not want to tell him however he was persistent , he knows one of my exes we live only a mile from him and his wife. i told my husband he is considerably BIGGER then him but that did not seem to bother him, then last month we were at a town function, my husband me and my ex face to face. my husband said hi to him and my ex proceeded to kiss me hello on my cheek. my husbands face turned bright red and he acted so intimidated. I asked him later that night on our way home why he acted that way and he said when my ex kissed me my face turned flush and he felt very minimized in joey’s presence. he is definitely different since that night , and i have tried to reassure him I am not in search of a BIG one, this is one time I should have not told him the truth!!!

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