Swingers Parties

My husband and I still consider ourselves swingers. Therefore we still frequent swingers parties, albeit infrequently. Being time poor, swingers parties offer us the best opportunity to meet other couples and singles in the lifestyle. If we had more time, we’d use The Site to set up intimate dates with couples but as I mentioned in my previous post, it would take less time and effort to organise a NATO summit.

Swingers Parties
Where the fuck are the single guys?

The other Saturday night we tried out a new party which was open to both couples and singles. Such being the case, I encouraged a guy I had been chatting with to come with us. He had been wanting to bone me for months so I figured this was a convenient way to give him the chance. He was super excited but on the day of the party, he got sick and had to cancel. Or his feet got icy cold. Either way, this happens a lot so I wasn’t fazed.

One of the guys we met recently for a threesome was also interested in the party. However, C was starting to sound nervous about going too until he found a girl to accompany him. I don’t blame guys for not wanting to go alone to swingers parties but they effectively cancel themselves out as a single man. Indeed, at the party I couldn’t work out if C’s lady friend was OK to be left alone or not (if I took C away into a room), or wanted to join in on the fun (possibly with my husband too). One for the ‘too hard’ basket.

There weren’t any couples that took my husband’s fancy so he was happy for me to organise my own private gang bang. Excellent. Except there weren’t enough guys at the party for me to round up. In spite of getting a lot of single guys excited on The Site where the party was listed, it seemed few had the nerve to attend. I could only see a handful of guys walking around, nervously trying to work out who to talk to. As pleasant as they were, none of them appealed to me sexually.

So why wasn’t there a penis buffet for me to pick and choose from? Sadly, this man shortage at a swingers party is not unusual. Having helped organise swingers parties in the past, I can tell you that single guys are the most unreliable party guests. Single girls seem more comfortable about fronting up to a party on their own. For all the complaining men do about being excluded from the party scene, when the opportunity actually arises, they aren’t so keen to be included.

Of course there are heaps of men who would bend over backwards to be invited to a swingers party but quite often they’re not the sort discerning couples want. That leaves guys who are either desirable and scene-friendly, or those who are desirable but less experienced (read, most likely to flake out). The former are ideal guests but aren’t around in droves, so party hosts take their chances on the latter and hope that they turn up (many don’t).

Don’t get me wrong, we couples and Hotwives aren’t that picky. We don’t expect every single guy to have shredded bodies with massive cocks. We mostly just want men who look after themselves and are socially confident. We absolutely admire guys who throw caution to the wind and turn up to a swingers party on their own. After all, as long as the cost is reasonable, what have you got to lose?

Hopefully I can convince some tasty guys to turn up next time so I can have that impromptu private gang bang.


  1. I think its essential that the party organisers make it easier for single guys to get in to these events. As someone who is not a possessor of particularly shredded body or an especially massive cock, but is none the less (I believe) quite desirable and scene friendly, I have found such events rather hard to find or even get invited to. I am a firm believer that the personal introduction or referral by a friend is the best way to ensure one gets to play with the kind of people like, but as in the vanilla world, its finding such friends in the first place that is the hard part.

    • The App/site I use has a pretty good events section and most party organisers recognise that single guys are good to have in the mix. However I don’t blame other organisers for only inviting couples as some swingers only want couples to attend (not even male/female playfriends). Events are hard to organise so I can’t knock organisers for running things as they need to. I know most will accommodate single guys that are friends of couples but yes, you’d need to get to know a swinger or Hotwifing couple to get in that way. Just gotta keep an eye open for opportunities I guess!

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