The Challenge

Kate was a cock whore and her husband knew it. Such was her lust for cock that Luke gave up objecting to Kate inviting strange men back to their apartment. She didn’t care what he thought anyway. Disregarding her husband’s need for a good night’s sleep, Kate would noisily come in after midnight from a date, announcing loudly how much she needed to be fucked hard. Minutes later, she’d burst into their bedroom with her willing stud in tow, erect cock ready to penetrate his wife. Some nights, Kate would convince a bartender to join in for a double dose.

the challengeEach time, Luke would lie still in bed pretending to be asleep but he was fully aware of the random stranger mounting Kate. Although he lay with his back to the tangled bodies next to him, he knew the exact moment Kate’s greedy pussy got stretched by a new cock. The men would all pound her hard, exactly how Kate liked it but truthfully, she also got off on Luke’s quiet displeasure which only barely masked his own arousal.

Kate’s trysts annoyed Luke, but they also excited him tremendously. It was the only reason why he tolerated her cock binging and the men who supplied her with the relentless fucking she craved. It was his wife’s greed and impatience that irritated Luke. Sure, he quietly shot his own load hard as his wife’s many and various lovers took her over and over, but he resented Kate getting her own way so easily. Luke had enough of Kate being in control. She needed to be less greedy and more patient.

When Luke told Kate that she had to cancel her date because he had other plans for them, she couldn’t help but feel suspicious. Something was up. He told her to wear some special lingerie under her favourite black dress which hugged her much-admired curves. Luke said it was a surprise that Kate would hopefully enjoy although perhaps not entirely at first. She trusted her husband though, so she gingerly eased her seamed stockings up her legs and dabbed some perfume on her wrists. Kate felt a buzz of excitement rush over her.

Kate swiftly discovered that Luke had some very specific plans for her. Their Uber arrived at the Hilton in the city and without a word of explanation, Luke set her down at the hotel bar and ordered her an Espresso Martini. He told her that he’d be back in ten minutes with part of her surprise. Kate raised an eyebrow. She remembered back to the days when Luke would bring her home ‘surprises’. Her legs parted a little in anticipation. Some of those ‘surprises’ were men she recognised from the neighbourhood. The lithe young yoga instructor, the burly, gruff mechanic and the quiet librarian who she thought was gay.

Half way through her martini, Kate noticed Luke turn the corner back into the bar followed by another man. As they approached her, she saw that he was a young guy in his early twenties. She took another sip and considered whether this young stud was a small or big part of the surprise. Standing tall before her in jeans and a white t-shirt that did little to disguise his lean, muscular physique, Kate liked what she saw; even though he was much younger than what she normally partook in. In that respect, she was indeed surprised that Luke fished from a different pond.

“Kate, this is Aaron.”

Kate gazed up and Aaron leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. He smelt freshly showered with a hint of soap. Otherwise, there was nothing conspicuous about Aaron which made it hard for Kate to read him as a potential lover. Dominant? Kinky?

“Aaron and his mates from university need someone to help them with their project. I thought you might be interested so I volunteered you Kate.”

Aaron smiled. His eyes were directly on Kate which she found both disconcerting and arousing.

“It’s more a challenge than a project. My two mates and I do them occasionally to settle a score, and this time we need an accommodating lady with a lot of patience to help us out.”

Kate looked at Luke who wasn’t bothering to conceal the delight on his face. He was up to something.

“Aaron has given me a complete overview of their challenge and I’ll be there to supervise. There’s nothing you won’t enjoy. Knowing you,” said Luke with a smirk.

“We’ll guarantee that you’ll have a lot of fun Kate. Eventually.”

Aaron gave Kate a look that answered her questions: definitely dominant, possibly kinky.

“You can say no of course Kate. It’ll be very challenging for you too. You do like your quick fixes after all,” Luke added, as if to provoke Kate.

This was some kind of payback but Kate liked that her husband was taking charge. Besides, it didn’t sound like she was going to lose out in this ‘challenge’ anyway. She gulped down the rest of her drink and looked at Aaron whose eyes were still on her.

“Sure. I’ll help.”

Luke had organised a suite for the challenge. Aaron did offer to host at his share house but he knew Kate would be more amenable if in the appropriate environment. After all, he wanted to teach her a lesson in patience, not being privileged. He guided Kate into the suite where three similarly young guys sat around a table chatting.

“I thought you said two mates?” Kate questioned, not that she really cared.

“Ahh. Don’t worry about the one in red. He lost the last challenge so he’s only here to be a timekeeper and do other stuff. He’ll be keeping his clothes on.”

Kate’s attention moved to the two guys who she surmised were part of the challenge. One was similar in build to Aaron but less classically handsome. Pleasant but nondescript. She had fucked a lot of those in the past. She’d remember their cocks but barely their faces. The other friend clearly visited the pub more than the gym but had the rugged look that Kate favoured over pretty boys. After all, she loved fucking that mechanic far more than the yoga teacher.

The young men all immediately zeroed in on Kate. Luke knew she was every horny young guy’s fantasy. Kate was forty-two but easily passed for much younger. She liked to dress and smell like the perfect upper-middle class wife she was, which was all a pretence until a hard cock pressed against her at a bar or her workplace. That was the green light to let the vixen off the leash. Luke imagined that she would struggle to maintain her composure tonight, and it would serve her right.

Aaron, Tim and Nathan invited Kate to sit with them at the table. The young men were drinking some light beer but they mentioned wanting to pace themselves which amused Kate. Luke poured a glass of Veuve for his wife which she gratefully accepted. She wasn’t nervous in a bad way but she felt noticeably jittery which was unusual for her. Kate was too used to dictating the terms of play.

“Well, if everyone’s happy let’s start, yeah? Dan will read out the tasks and keep an eye on the clock. Tim, Nath and I will perform the tasks in order and keep going until two of us fail. Kate, all we need you to do is make yourself comfortable on the bed and follow instructions.”

Kate complied and placed herself on the middle of the king-sized bed. Luke topped up her glass and placed it on a bedside table before taking a seat next to Dan at the table. Kate took a small sip then lay back against the pillows.

“Task One. Give Kate a massage. Hands only. Clothes on. Five minutes each.”

Aaron moved towards Kate and smiled at her. She could tell he’d been looking forward to touching her. He sat next to her on the bed and slowly extended his arm. His fingers made contact with her shoulder, making her shiver. He maneuvered himself behind Kate, propping her up so that she sat between his legs. She felt both his hands on her shoulders, gently kneading her muscles. Firm fingers found her delicate neck which genuinely needed some attention.

Before Kate could enjoy the delicious pressure, Dan ordered Tim to take over. He literally took Aaron’s place behind Kate, doing his best to replicate the near-expert touch of Aaron. It wasn’t horrible but Kate could sense Tim’s trepidation. She wondered if he was a late-bloomer or dated girls who didn’t know how to ask for what they wanted. Tim was soon replaced by Nathan who didn’t waste any time. He slipped off Kate’s favourite Louboutins and proceeded to squeeze her arches. Kate couldn’t help but sigh. By the time Nathan’s strong hands got to her calves, Task One was over. Kate sighed.

“OK, Task Two. Kissing Kate. Mouth on Mouth. Two Minutes.”

Kate lay back against the pillows and waited for Aaron to kiss her. He straddled Kate on the bed and leaned in. His lips grazed Kate’s lightly, sending that same shiver down her spine. She opened her mouth, expecting more but Aaron held back, only allowing his lips to make contact occasionally. Eventually he kissed her fully and she felt his tongue seeking out hers. Kate savoured the passion building between them but Aaron pulled away to make way for Tim.

Tim’s kissing was marginally better than his massage. Like his face, it was pleasant but unremarkable. That wasn’t a necessarily a bad thing between two strangers. It was comfortable and inoffensive: a nice precursor before a good fucking. Before long, Nathan took Tim’s place and reignited the fire that Aaron had kindled. He kissed her hard and with ardor. From the fervour of his mouth, she wondered if he hadn’t been with a female for some time, nevermind a woman like her. Kate could have easily kept kissing but Task Two ended.

Dan announced that Task Three was a group exercise: undressing Kate. Aaron guided Kate to her feet and undid the zip of her dress. Tim slipped the dress off her shoulders and eased it down her body until it dropped at her feet. Nathan unhooked her bra which released Kate’s bountiful breasts from the confines of wire and lace. Tim and Aaron protested the removal of Kate’s suspenders and stockings but Dan insisted that Kate be fully nude. Finally, Nathan pulled Kate’s g-string down her legs slowly, admiring her neat landing strip in the process. Kate wondered if he caught the scent of her arousal.

“Task Four. Foreplay for Kate. Hands or Mouth. No Oral Sex. Ten Minutes.”

Aaron kissed Kate first before moving his mouth towards her breasts. He cupped both mounds in his hands, sucking on each nipple sharply and making Kate gasp. He moved down further, nuzzling her belly then grazing his nose over her pubic bone. She felt his warm breath against her pussy lips, which made her arch her back. She felt fingers run over her wet lips before a thumb found her clit. Aaron moved his thumb in circles, watching the pleasure wash over Kate’s face.

When it was Tim’s turn, he paid some attention to Kate’s breasts but he was keener to feel how wet Kate was. He pushed a finger into her tight hole, seeking out her G Spot. He squeezed another finger in and started that persistent finger fucking that led Kate to release her juices all over the sheets. Every guy has their thing, Kate thought. Before she could catch her breath, Nathan’s mouth was on hers, kissing her hard again. She responded eagerly, biting his lip as he pulled away. He spent a good portion of his allotted time playing with Kate’s tits. He squeezed them together and kneaded her flesh. She bet he’d love to put his hard cock between them.

“Task Five. Oral Sex. Five Minutes.”

Kate was starting to get the gist of this challenge and had already predicted Task Five. She lay back on the bed with a smile and parted her legs. She’d never been patient enough for prolonged foreplay so her pussy yearned for a tongue to give her much needed relief. She was sure she’d cum with at least one of the guys. Unfortunately while she could have with each of them, five minutes just wasn’t enough. By the time she got accustomed to a new tongue taking her to the brink, Dan would put stop to her climb to the summit.

Kate reached a hand down to her sopping wet folds and found her swollen clit. A few rubs would have been enough but both Luke and Dan told her to stop.

“This isn’t part of the challenge Kate. It’s not about you. Just lie back and be patient.”

Licking her fingers, Kate realised the challenge wasn’t about making her cum, or at least not multiple times. The ache between her legs was unbearable but she took another sip of champagne and reclined as ordered.

“Task Six. Gentlemen, it’s time to get undressed in front of Kate.”

The participants stood before Kate and proceeded to strip off. Kate couldn’t remember the last time she watched a man undress. She was usually too busy trying to pull erect cocks out of unzipped pants and the poor guys could barely get their shirts off before Kate would jump on top and start riding. Tonight, she was watching three young studs in their underwear with very obvious hard-ons straining against the cotton fabric. Kate was beside herself. If she had it her way, she’d be sucking one cock while milking the other two with her hands.

Kate just about drooled when all three guys revealed their engorged cocks to her. Aaron had a nice looking dick of more than adequate size. Nathan’s was thick and tumescent; the head slick with pre-cum and almost purple. It was Tim’s cock however, that made Kate really salivate. It was close to ten-inches and so rigid that it stood up vertically against Tim’s flat stomach. It wasn’t as girthy as Nathan’s but Kate had a fetish for long, snake-like cocks slithering up her pussy to discover her secret spots. Japanese tentacle porn totally made sense to her.

“Task Seven. More Foreplay for Kate. Hands and Mouth. No touching by Kate. Ten Minutes.”

The three guys were starting to look much less composed than at Task One. She wondered if they were feeling the same desperate need to cum. Perhaps they weren’t allowed to. Was that the challenge?

Aaron lay on top of Kate and started kissing her. She immediately felt his hard shaft pressed against her crotch. Instinctively, she arched her back to try and slide Aaron’s cock towards her wet slit. He groaned at her attempt before propping himself on his knees, keeping his cock well away from temptation. It was almost a relief for Aaron to make way for Tim. Kate tried the same move with Tim but his prick remained stuck fast to his belly as he slid his tongue in and out of her mouth. She felt fingers probe her again while a thumb rubbed at her throbbing clit. She was on the edge, but Tim backed off.

By the time Nathan lay on the bed next to her, Kate contemplated straddling him and giving herself the sweet relief of penetration. She quickly knelt up but caught her husband looking disapprovingly at her, as though he read her mind. Instead, Nathan grabbed her by the hips to position her sopping wet mound over his face. His cock looked so perfect to impale herself on. Driven mad by Nathan’s teasing tongue flicks over her clit, Kate started grinding her wanting hole against Nathan’s chin. Rough stubbles intensified the sensation and she soon came all over his face. As she caught her breath, Dan tut-tutted loudly.

“Very naughty Kate. You weren’t supposed to touch or use Nathan.”
“Sorry Dan, my wife just has no self-control.”

Kate shot a look at Luke who smirked with immense satisfaction. And the challenge wasn’t even over.

“Task Eight. Blow job or hand job by Kate. Two Minutes.”

There were audible groans from the young men which Kate found amusing. What man doesn’t want their dick sucked, she thought. Perhaps at least one of the guys might fail the challenge at Task Eight.

Aaron presented himself to Kate, who sat on the edge of her bed with her legs spread wide. She was in revenge mode. She would have cum at least five times by now if not for this damned challenge. Uni boys and their silly games. Maybe she should put an end to it before anyone is declared a winner? Kate dribbled some spit onto her hand. She clasped Aaron’s cock and gripped firmly. The look on Aaron’s face was priceless. Kate was in control. She pumped his cock in a steady rhythm, giving the head a squeeze before bringing her slippery hand back down to the base again. Aaron was breathing heavily, eyes fixed up at the ceiling.

Kate licked Aaron’s balls as she stroked his shaft, causing him to jerk involuntarily. She gently took one into her mouth and looked up at him. He remained focused on the blank ceiling, daring not to look down. Kate proceeded to suck and lick his cock with determination. She knew she was getting somewhere when Aaron grabbed a handful of her hair and spat out a series of obscenities. The need to cum must have been overwhelming and if she had another thirty seconds, she might have got a mouth full of cream. Aaron moved swiftly away from Kate and took a huge gulp of iced water from the table.

Tim and Nathan had deliberately not watched Aaron’s turn. Kate could tell that Tim in particular was dreading this moment. Kate laughed to herself. Surely winning the challenge isn’t as good as getting a blow job? Without hesitation, Kate pried Tim’s cock away from his stomach and opened her mouth wide. Tim didn’t even pretend to hide the immense pleasure of having his entire length disappear inside a mouth. Kate guessed correctly that he never had someone deep-throat him before. She fed Tim’s long prick in and out her mouth with vigour. She wanted to taste cum. Kate felt his body tense but unexpectedly, Tim pushed himself away.

“I’m using my immunity badge for this task!”, he said, gasping for breath and moving towards the bathroom. Kate could hear the shower running. A cold one, she supposed.

Nathan smiled apprehensively as he motioned over to Kate. His cock was still leaking pre-cum and she couldn’t wait to have a taste. She licked her tongue over his purple cock head before putting her mouth over it. She drank in the salty liquid with relish. Nathan grunted, almost as though in pain. The challenge was indeed pure torture for him. His primal instinct was to push his cock into Kate’s mouth and fuck her face until he blew his thick load. He had jerked off at least twice before leaving home but his balls were full again. He looked down at Kate who had the tip of his cock resting on her pretty pink tongue. Her eyes were pleading for cum, and it’d been too long since he last gave it to a woman.

Kate presumed this was the case, so she covered Nathan’s cock with her mouth and sucked hard. She cupped his heavy balls in her hand and increased the intensity of her sucking.

“Fuck, you look good sucking my cock,” he rasped. Nathan felt his balls riding up and he knew then that he had failed the challenge.

Throwing in the towel, Nathan grabbed Kate’s head with both hands and thrust his cock deep into her mouth. He kept thrusting hard and fast until Kate’s mouth overflowed with his cum. Kate looked up with immense satisfaction, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand.

“Nathan. That puts you out of the challenge and you know what the penalty is,” advised Dan, winking at Kate.

“Task Nine. Second last task. Fucking Kate. Whatever position you wish. Three minutes.”

Aaron breathed in and out deeply before pulling a condom over his erection. Kate wished this challenge was an Olympic sport. It took considerable stamina on both sides and she was almost insane with cock lust. She lay back as Aaron pushed his cock into her pussy, groaning in sweet agony. She must have been very tight from the pent up tension. He had tried not to think about it, but now that he was finally inside her, it was hard to deny what an amazing pussy he was fucking. He thrust tentatively at first, knowing he had to pace himself. What he hadn’t counted on was how intoxicatingly responsive Kate would be in taking his cock. She writhed and moaned with each thrust, willing him to go harder and faster.

Aaron knew he had good staying power but the challenge was exhausting even him. He was teetering on the brink of a blissful orgasm with a beautiful woman who clearly loved fucking him. Having his penis and ego stroked at the same time was almost too much for Aaron. Kate was spreading her legs wide and angling her hips in readiness to cum. The urge to fuck her hard was beyond overwhelming but Aaron knew what was at stake. He dug deep and started mentally composing his paper on Brexit. Thinking about Boris always calmed carnal needs.

Mercifully, Aaron’s three minutes were up. His balls were aching badly but his odds were looking very good. He had heard some rumours about Tim from mutual female friends and given what a sexy woman Kate was, he felt confident that Tim might just crack. Aaron was relieved as he sure as hell did not want to join Nathan in the punishment, no offence to Dan. Aaron watched Tim move slowly towards Kate with a condom barely stretched over his dick. His dick may be long, but with any luck, his game isn’t.

Kate was beside herself with excitement. She loved cocks of all shapes, sizes and colours but she was just about making a puddle of her own juices as Tim’s lengthy rod loomed before her. Tim didn’t look as enthused, which displeased Kate somewhat but she guessed there was a lot of pressure on Tim to pass this task. Kate wondered if Task Ten was worth all this frustration. What was she going to get out of it? Going by the look of smug satisfaction on Luke’s face, there was every chance she’d be left wanting. Maybe forcing a guy to cum when he doesn’t want to was the most fun she’d have tonight. Now that’s a challenge, thought Kate.

In his misguided wisdom, Tim chose to put Kate on all fours on the bed and positioned himself behind her. Kate grinned like the cat who already got the cream. Tim pulled his cock downwards and penetrated Kate’s warm, wet hole. Even with a condom on he felt the precarious wave of impending ejaculation wash over him. Kate’s pussy took his entire cock in, hugging every inch. If they were alone, he would have cum right there and then. He didn’t have the best staying power, although he could keep fucking after cumming. Unfortunately, that didn’t matter for this stupid challenge.

He pulled his cock half way out and took a quick look down. Kate’s pussy was gorgeous. So pink and puffy from prolonged arousal. Watching his shaft sliding in and out of her was better than anything on Pornhub, and he had seen a lot. He was starting to lose control so he looked away. He caught sight of Dan who was quietly rubbing his own cock over his chino pants. Instead of being repulsed, Tim felt his balls twitch. Being watched was hot. Tim let out a whimper which encouraged Kate to start slamming her butt against him. She clenched her pussy around his glorious long cock and milked it for all she could.

“Fuuuuckkk… Noo… Uhhhhh…”

He turned to look at Dan again who had unzipped his pants to get a better grip on his dick. That was too much for Tim who came hard and deep inside Kate. He cursed loudly as the last few drops escaped his cock. He may have failed the challenge too, but that was easily the best orgasm he had ever had. Tim flopped next to Kate on the bed to catch his breath.

“Well then. Why don’t we take a break while the losers receive their penalty?” suggested Dan, his fly still unzipped.

“Kate, there’s no need to do the last task now so thank you for your time. Unless of course, you’d like to come up with your own Task Ten? We’ll be right back,” Dan smiled suggestively.

Kate was confused. She noticed Aaron was sitting back on a chair. His muscular chest was covered with his own cum. Had he blown before Tim or after?

He stared back at Kate lustfully, playing with his still erect cock.

She looked questioningly at Luke.

“Who won?”

Her husband smiled wryly as he opened a second bottle of champagne.

“As usual, you did Kate. So, what’s Task Ten?”


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