The Guy Who Forgot My Name

When there’s a free night to have some fun, I don’t like to leave things to chance. As such, I find about ten guys from The Site and keep loosely in touch with them all to ensure at least one of them is free when I crave spare cock. I don’t promise them immediate meets but that I may suddenly contact them out of the blue. Most guys are pretty happy with that.

The Guy Who Forgot My Name

Ten guys may sound excessive but realistically, I may only end up meeting half of them. So far this year, from the hottie hit list I created, I’ve only managed to hook up with three guys (one being The Guy Who Loved Squirting). Given my husband and I had discussed finding a whole host of men to have their fill of me over the summer, this outcome is not optimal. Sadly it can’t be helped. As much as I am a shared wife, I happen to be a whole bunch of other people first.

The second guy I met this year (and not entirely with hubby’s knowledge, but more about that another time) was a married guy. He and I exchanged messages online and when he asked if I minded that he was married, I surprisingly found myself not minding at all. Normally, I give married guys a wide berth. I don’t so much have a moral issue with guys cheating but with so little play time, I simply don’t need the added complication of a married guy’s inability to meet at a drop of a hat.

There was however something about TMG (T the Married Guy) that I found irresistible. Admittedly, his eight and a half inch cock was a significant drawcard but I had an immediate attraction for him. It was only after a few more chats and looking at his private gallery photos more closely that I finally worked out why: I had already met him before.

TMG was a cute single guy who I had hand-picked to attend a swingers party a few years ago. He was adorable, hung and had a gorgeous young body. I knew he’d be a hit with the ladies who liked extra meat. When I first met him, I wanted to personally devour him myself but I had to be selfless. A friend of mine had already earmarked him for fun so I arranged a room for her and TMG to get busy in. I remember giving him a long kiss and a few long sucks on his enormous cock before leaving them to it. I had hoped to catch up with him again another time but he disappeared from The Site.

Cue three years later, TMG was back on The Site, albeit married and not getting any sex from his young bride. I told TMG that we had already met. I had to jog his memory a little but he soon remembered me from the party. He thought I was hot and therefore seemed keener than ever to present his married cock to my mouth. In turn, I couldn’t resist the idea of blowing a guy who hadn’t had a decent orgasm that he wasn’t responsible for in months.

As my husband was away for a few nights, I arranged for TMG to come over late at night to feed his big dick into my mouth. He was playing soccer locally so I offered the use of our bathroom to get cleaned up before . I hadn’t cleared any of this with my husband. Sometimes I’m simply driven to behaving deplorably and trying to justify that would be lame. My husband knows I can’t help myself. I usually confess some of my sins later but I won’t lie: I get a buzz from doing what I want, when I want.

So TMG comes over and I sneak him into the house and upstairs into our bedroom. I told TMG to be quiet and not say a word until our bedroom door was closed. I quietly told him to go ahead and run the shower while I checked to make sure I didn’t have any offspring awake. When all was clear, I made my way back to our bathroom where a naked TMG was showering. I took off my clothes and got in with him. I kissed him under the running water.

TMG’s cock was already a little hard with my naked body pressed against him, and it only took a few strokes for it to stand to full attention. TMG sucked on my tits and moved a around to my backside. I soon felt a finger probe between my cheeks, working its way to my asshole. I don’t mind some ass-play but I wanted something else. I lowered myself down on my knees and finally took TMG’s beautiful penis into my mouth. I remembered how I struggled to get it all in back at the party. I still struggled. TMG held his hand over my head and thrust his cock into my mouth, fucking it until I gagged and had to pull away.

I stood up again to kiss TMG hard on the mouth, biting at his lower lip. This time he moved downwards to find my waiting pussy. TMG’s tongue darted between my lips and found my clit. He licked hard and fast with some urgency before turning me around and using his tongue on my asshole. Before I could offer to suck his cock again, TMG moved me up against the shower wall and manoeuvred his hard cock between my legs. We kissed and before I could protest, I felt the head of his cock enter me.

I should have stopped him but once he got his entire length into me, there was no way I could resist. The cock I wanted to have so many years ago was finally inside my pussy, filling me up. TMG pushed my head back, wanting to watch my face as the sensation of being penetrated registered in my brain. He thrust slowly, watching his own dick move in and out of my pussy. When I finally decided to stop him, it was only to suggest getting on the bed to fuck properly.

TMG and I dried off and go on the bed. I got the impression that once he started fucking, it wasn’t going to be long before he’d have to cum. I knew I needed to make the most of it. TMG stood between my legs as I lay back on the bed. He got his cock ready to penetrate me again. I almost came from being filled by the size of him. Once he started fucking me, it didn’t take long to feel the waves of intense pleasure. I gripped him hard as I came. TMG asked if he was allowed to cum and where I wanted it. I told him I didn’t mind so he opted to cum inside me which was hot. I felt his cum leak out of me the whole night after he left.

Over the next few days we chatted about the blow job that turned into a hot and fast fuck (and barebacking at that…). He assured me that he was clean given the lack of sex he’d had since getting married. I didn’t feel any cause for concern but still chided myself for letting it happen.

It then suddenly occurred to me that while I remembered TMG’s name, I suspected that he didn’t remember mine. I asked him about that and he sheepishly admitted that he had forgotten. He said he wanted to ask that night but since I told him to be quiet, he didn’t feel he could ask. I laughed so hard.

To his credit, he got the first initial right. I told him that when he finally remembers or guesses correctly, then I might let him fuck my ass. To this date, he still doesn’t know my name.


  1. Me myself, have many times forgotten the name of the lady i wake up next too, but im fast to sneak downstairs and check for any mail laying around ?
    Its odd, sometimes its slightly awkward too find mail starting with Mr and Mrs ? And have often managed to get away before the lucky lady from last night, can get another freebie before her husband gets home ?

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