The Guy Who Had To Wait

There’s something to be said for deliberately holding off first time sex with someone. I showed great restraint with J in the car park on our first date even though I desperately wanted to feel his beautiful cock slide into me that night. We both wanted to fuck so badly but I didn’t have the OK from my husband so I packed away J’s fat erection and sent him on his way home.

The Guy Who Had To Wait

I suppose I could have arranged for a second date before J went away for work but since my husband wasn’t openly encouraging it, I chose to prolong the sexual torture. J would have to wait exactly two weeks to fuck me. It was torturous for me too as I was well and truly turned on by J’s blend of sweet and dirty.

Over two weeks, J and I exchanged messages and pics. I had no reason to worry about J backing out since he was experienced with couples and it was very clear that he wanted to, in his words, fuck my brains out. By the time the night of second date arrived, I found myself getting wet thinking about his mouth on mine. My husband was just as keen to watch me get fucked hard by a young, willing Bull.

We arranged to have dinner with J first and since he was curious about visiting a swingers club, we decided to go to a local club for play time instead of getting a hotel room. As much as I love the privacy of hotel rooms, I suppose a part of me was hesitant to commit to a room until I knew that J was a reliable play friend. I needn’t have worried since he was super punctual for dinner. J met my husband and over a nice conversation, we all felt at ease with each other. J and I flirted a little, both excited that our patience would soon be rewarded.

On arriving at the club, my husband suggested that I take J on the tour of the venue with the club hostess while he chatted with the proprietor. As the hostess explained the various rules for each play room, I took the opportunity to kiss J. He responded eagerly but before we could get too absorbed in each other, we followed the tour into another room. Only half listening to the hostess, I felt such a strong urge to have J. I leaned in to kiss him again and he reciprocated. After a while, he pulled back, forcing my lips to chase his a few times. J smiled, knowing that this teasing was only going to drive me insane with lust.

Finally with the tour done, I kissed J with a pent up fervor. My husband suggested that I take J through to the private play room where he’d join us a little later. J and I didn’t waste any time. Once the door was closed, we lay on the bed and kissed each other hard. We got undressed as quickly as possible and with my legs free of pants, J buried his face in my pussy, seeking out my already swollen clit with his tongue. He delighted in how wet I was and lapped up my juices.

I was eager to suck on J’s cock so I took it all in my mouth, looking up to make sure he was enjoying the attention. Clearly the oral pleasure was appreciated but not what J was really wanting at the moment. He positioned himself between my wide open legs and rubbed the head of his cock along my wet slit. I knew J was keen to bareback so it was no surprise that he asked for ‘one quick dip’. I was too weak to show any restraint this time. I needed his cock in me.

J thrust his hard cock into me and I could immediately feel his curved cock press against my G Spot. He fucked me slowly for a while, letting me enjoy the glorious sensation. I did however stop him and told him to put a condom on before my husband walked in on my weak will. J obediently covered up just as my husband appeared. When J entered me again, I didn’t need to pretend that my pussy was feeling that pleasure again for the first time. It felt good the second, third and so many more times J ploughed his cock into me. I came hard and before long J finally enjoyed an orgasm, emptying his load into the condom.

For another hour we spent time kissing, sucking, rubbing and touching each other. I sucked my husband’s cock while J went back to eating my pussy. I spent more time sucking on J’s glorious cock while my husband left us alone again. J knew I enjoyed a little rough play so he threw me onto my back before ramming his bare cock into me once more. I let him have a minute of barebacking before wiggling off his cock. Before I could use my hand and mouth to pleasure him though, J came again. Sadly it was too sudden for me to catch his cum in my mouth.

Poor J had drunk too much champagne with us to muster another orgasm, and being reminded by the hostess that it was time to let others use the private room put an end to J’s third act. I wasn’t too disappointed although truth be told, I was hungry for more. It had been a long time since I felt strong sexual chemistry for a guy and I welcomed the idea of J becoming a regular play friend. My husband also approved of J although I will need to let him know about my bareback indiscretion eventually.

Other than that, I’m on a blissful Hotwifing high after a threesome session that I rate the best this year so far.


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    • The last thing a Hotwife wants is a guy who can’t read or be bothered to find out things about her. Or assumes that her husband is in charge of who she fucks. Get a better attitude and maybe you’ll get laid.

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