The Guy Who Needed Endless Foreplay

Having just got home from a glorious holiday filled with a lot of good sex, I was surprised when my husband suggested meeting a guy for fun again so soon afterwards. I honestly didn’t mind either way (never really a good sign to be honest…) but since I was on a roll, I hit up a young guy who had been wanting to meet me for a very long time for a Sunday sex session.

Endless Foreplay
Two hours later…

D was a self-described cub and adored older women. For someone quite young, he was very articulate and seemed genuine and dependable, unlike a lot of his peers. The only problem was that he worked extremely long, anti-social hours in the hospitality industry so organising a meet with a very busy Hotwife and her equally busy husband was always going to be a challenge.

Luckily for DC (D the Cub), the planets aligned and we arranged to meet him at the bar of a local hotel. DC was pretty much what I expected when I spotted him ordering a drink. He had an adorable face and barely looked 26 as he was listed as being on his online profile. He wasn’t tall but I could tell he had a nice athletic build under his crisp white t-shirt and jeans.

Over a few drinks we chatted about work and mutual interests but the conversation didn’t flow easily. DC had only just finished a long day at work and after only one beer, he looked like he needed to go to bed: to sleep. Still, we knocked back another round of drinks and manged to find a few more topics to talk about.

When DC excused himself to go to the bathroom, my husband said,

“He’s either off his trolley on something or mentally exhausted. He’s not really with it, is he?”

I assured him the latter was the issue to which my husband suggested that I take him up to our hotel room immediately and get on with it. With the room key in hand, I asked DC if he wanted to come up with me while my husband finished his drink. He gave me a vague look but eventually the light bulb flickered on and he understood what I was suggesting.

In the room, DC wasn’t much better. We weren’t on the same page for a while which is never a fun situation. Did he want to fuck? It was hard to tell as he seemed more interested in the light fittings of the hotel room. I had to take charge and as we sat on the bed, I flat out asked if he wanted to play. DC responded by asking where my husband was. I told him it was OK for us to start without him. He finally stopped staring at the pretty lights and focused on my boobs.

We lay on the bed and kissed languidly. There was nothing clumsy about DC’s kissing and he savoured my mouth for a long time. He slowly moved his lips down my neck and chest before arriving at my breasts which were yearning to be released from my low-cut dress. He squeezed them gently before pulling them out. He took one nipple in his mouth and sucked gently on it while kneading and playing with the other breast.

DC spent a long time on both boobs before he made an attempt to travel further downwards. By the time he pulled my knickers off, I was aching to have his mouth on my pussy. DC enjoyed the wetness that had ensued from the prolonged kissing and petting. When he started tonguing my clit, I nearly came from the pent up need for release. As soon as he started thrusting his fingers in and out of my pussy, I let myself succumb to an orgasm.

At this point, I’m usually ready to reciprocate then prepare myself for a solid shafting by a hard cock. Unfortunately, by the time I got DC’s pants and jocks off, I was met with a penis that looked like it wanted to get some sleep as much as its owner probably did. I made an effort to fellate the limp cock to attention and although DC groaned with pleasure it was to no avail.

My husband had entered the room at this stage and seemed perplexed that a young guy wasn’t sporting a raging hard on after thirty minutes of foreplay. He joined us on the bed since he rightly figured that at least one hard cock needed to be added to the equation. I sucked my husband’s cock while DC busied himself between my legs again with his tongue and fingers. Any attempt on my part to touch his cock was met with a playful hand-slap.

As it didn’t look like DC was remotely ready to penetrate me, my husband got behind me and started pounding my pussy, as though to prompt to DC into action. He dismounted and subtly urged DC to have a turn. Being pressured to perform was probably the last thing DC needed and not surprisingly, he resumed the endless foreplay which made me cum twice more times. I couldn’t really complain but my husband and I exchanged exasperated looks.

By the time DC got remotely hard enough to penetrate me, my husband and I were ready to call it a night. DC managed to technically penetrate me for a moment but using a condom on a penis that wasn’t ready was far from optimal. My husband hinted that if it wasn’t going to happen, then it was time for him to go home. DC was somewhat confused as he assumed we had all night to play in the hotel room.

I had initially interpreted DC’s lack of erection as a sign of exhaustion and possibly indifference but as we got dressed, he whispered into my ear that he really wanted to fuck me but spend all night at it. It turns out that DC got off on giving foreplay and really needed copious amounts of kissing, nibbling, sucking, tweaking, pinching and licking before any sort of fucking was going to happen.

I sighed and half-heartedly suggested catching up again another time. I knew from the look on my husband’s face though that there wasn’t likely to be a next time. Poor DC. Actually, more fool us for assuming that a 26-year-old was going to be hard and ready instantly. We have learnt our lesson.

We opted to go home, leaving a somewhat ruffled bed in an otherwise pristine hotel room. I made a note to call J early in the morning.

We do hate letting a room go to waste after all.

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