The Guy Who Was In Control

After a winter hiatus from Hotwifing, I was long overdue the delicious high of being serviced by a new Bull and my wonderful Stag agreed. I already had a guy in mind so it was simple matter of picking a day and time, which for me was anything but a simple matter. Most playfriends are understanding of my erratic schedule but Jake was different. Instead of leaving the ball in my court, he insisted on setting a date to meet and refused to take any excuses. I was almost taken aback by how direct Jake was but I was excited to meet him.

The Guy Who Took ControlOur drinks date started off well with some flirty banter. I wasn’t instantly attracted to Jake in spite of his tall, solid build but his magnetism drew me in. As I started to relax in his company, he rattled me unexpectedly when the subject of playing came up. I had mentioned that I occasionally had afternoons free to which he told me that’s when we would fuck. There was no ‘if’. I was rendered speechless and that was clearly Jake’s intent. I realised then that I was dealing with an Alpha. He put me on edge and I liked it.

In my opinion, Alpha males don’t always make the best Bulls so I had to question whether Jake was really the right fit. Still, he intrigued me so much that I invited him over for an afternoon play session with my husband. Unsurprisingly, Jake told me that he wanted me to himself the first time. I said that being a shared wife, it wasn’t up to me. He understood, but he was adamant. When I relayed Jake’s reluctance for a three-way to my Stag, he was more amused than offended. He told me to enjoy being a slut wife and headed out. Feeling somewhat indignant despite my husband’s encouragement, I told Jake he had an hour. No more.

Jake arrived at the house promptly and I ushered him into the lounge. He reclined casually on the couch as I poured drinks. I sat some distance away from Jake which was telling of my mind frame with this man. Sipping on my wine nervously, I dispensed small talk rapidly which I chided myself for. What the hell was wrong with me? Clearly, I had no idea what to expect with this Alpha male. Jake grinned and enquired how my nerves were.

“I’m fine. It’s just that you’re an odd person. Odd in a good way,” I offered sheepishly.
“Well I won’t dispute that,” he said, finishing his wine and standing up.

“Let’s make this less nervous for you.”

Jake leaned in and kissed me. I responded eagerly to the soft touch of his lips. The gentleness didn’t last long however and I froze at the sudden pressure of his hand against my throat. I felt a thumb press firmly against my clavicle as he kissed me again, eliciting a response from me that was equal parts unease and arousal. I kissed him back with a defiant intensity which earned me a sharp bite on my lower lip. Before I could object, he moved on to ravage another part of me, each forceful caress causing a dull ache between my legs.

I led Jake into the bedroom where he swiftly removed my clothes. There was no ceremony in the occasion. He simply wanted me naked and ready to be devoured. As we kissed, he took off his shirt and pants, freeing his hard cock from his underwear. I sat on the bed before him and gazed up. He wordlessly motioned for me to begin. I knew better than to tease so I parted my lips and took him whole. I sucked his fat shaft, knowing all he wanted was a warm wet mouth to invade.

Groaning with pleasure, Jake grabbed my head and pushed his cock deep down my throat, making me gag. As I regained composure, he pushed me back onto the bed and hovered over me. He took a nipple into his mouth while kneading the other breast greedily. His teeth nipped at the erect bud which made me wince. I wriggled away but he held me down and took another reprimanding bite. He looked at me with a satisfied smirk and snaked two fingers inside my soaking wet pussy.

Pushing my legs wide apart, he buried his face into my crotch. There were no delicate nibbles or languid flicks. He ate me like a man who resented being starved of what he felt was his right to have. I raised my hips against his unrelenting mouth, almost finding the intense pleasure of Jake’s tongue unbearable. Before I could find a rhythm to reach orgasm, he stopped abruptly and stretched out next to me.

“It’s time you fucked my cock.”

I obediently prepared Jake’s erect prick with a condom and gingerly straddled him. He grabbed my hips impatiently and positioned my wanting pussy over his cock. Lowering me down, I felt him stretching my hole. The pleasure of penetration washed over my face which was precisely what Jake wanted to see. I rode his cock as he demanded before facing the other way to give him a clear view of my tight hole gripping his shaft. Pleased, he squeezed my butt cheeks and drove his cock faster and deeper into me.

“I want to watch you come.”

Smiling demurely, I laid back on the bed and parted my legs, inviting him to ride me hard and fast if he wanted me to come. Taking cue, he roughly grabbed a leg and rolled me onto my side. He entered me hard, immediately hitting new points of pure pleasure. I screamed as I felt each thrust pushing me to closer to orgasm. The pace quickened as Jake sensed he was going to see what he desired: a married slut climaxing on his cock. I clutched at the bed sheets as the first of the waves took over my body.

Not content to let me recover, Jake continued fucking my pulsating hole with determination. I lost any composure I had and saw a smug grin creep across his face. He grabbed my wrists and pinned me down, slowing to a shallow stroke.

“You’re mine,” he told me.

I looked up defiantly and struggled against his grip. Laughing at my show of resistance, he tightened his hold and resumed fucking me hard, as though to possess me with his cock. He was right. At that moment I was entirely his.

Ready to feel the release himself, Jake stood up and told me to kneel before him. Instinctively, I took his swollen cock into my mouth and sucked with a submissive need to please. Pulling on a handful of hair to raise my face up to him, his eyes showed animal lust.

“Get a toy and fuck yourself with it,” he ordered.

Fetching a dildo from my side table, I got back on the bed and dutifully slipped the toy in and out of my tight hole. Jake knelt over me with a firm grasp of his dick. He stroked it fervently as he watched me fuck myself. I moaned loudly, my pussy responding to another round of being punished. Jake pulled his cock faster and harder until I felt the familiar delicious warmth of cum landing on my breasts.

Catching his breath, he glanced at his watch and looked pleased with himself.

“Perfect timing. With minutes to spare.”


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