The Guy Who Wouldn’t Fuck Me

Such is the life of a Hotwife who gets to pick and choose who she wants to fuck. Occasionally however, the tables are turned and she is the one left wanting. I had three chances but failed each time in some way. This is a cautionary tale for Hotwives who don’t seize the moment and seize that cock!

V got in touch with me over the Christmas break, insisting that we finally meet while he was home for the holidays. We had some previous online contact during the year but from what little we exchanged, I could tell that he was a man who liked to take charge and didn’t waste time pursuing what he wanted. And pursue he did.

Fuck MeAlmost every day for a week, V would send a message to say hello and inevitably ask if I was free to meet. I was a bit taken aback by the tenacity of V’s approach and didn’t know what to make of him. He was good looking in an intense way with an athletic physique. I was intrigued but at the same time somewhat overwhelmed by the relentless attention.

I gently suggested that V might find a more receptive and flexible woman elsewhere but he insisted that I was the only person he wanted to meet while he was home. I had to hand it to V who wasn’t showing any signs of backing down. As I did enjoy our conversations, I agreed to meet V for a drink the last night of his stay.

My husband was bemused by my reluctance to meet someone who was so intent on meeting me. He reminded me that I had had my share of wishy washy men who were all talk and definitely no action. What’s wrong with a guy who was direct and to the point? I conceded that I was being silly and got ready to meet V at a local rooftop bar. There was no pressure to play after all. Ahh… Hindsight.

Fail #1

In person, V wasn’t as intense as I imagined but definitely no less unreserved in his approach. He bought a round of drinks and immediately proceeded to tell me how beautiful I was. I had already got the impression that he found me attractive so I took the compliment graciously, albeit a little nervously. He held my gaze throughout the date; his piercing blue eyes telling me they liked what they saw.

V explained his that his line of work didn’t allow for any grey areas, hence his directness. He also didn’t leave any doubt that he wanted to fuck me. He told me he wanted to go down on me in the quiet corner of the bar we sat at. I would be lying if I wasn’t turned on by the idea and my mind wandered for a moment, imagining what V’s well defined body would feel like on top of me.

I had to go home however, so we made our way out. In the elevator I told him I regretted not setting the night up for play. He sighed and asked if he could kiss me. Our lips brushed softly against each other, before tongues met. It was brief but lustful. As I turned to exit, V grabbed me from behind and pulled me in to him. Kissing my neck, his hands reached under my dress and found my naked buttocks. By the time the elevator door opened, I was more than a little wet. I deeply regretted not meeting V sooner.

Fail #2

On hearing that I thought V was a nice guy and that I wanted to fuck him, my husband suggested that I invite him over for a blow job while he was at the movies. A bit of foreplay before possibly lining up a proper play session in the morning before he left town. I liked that idea and so did V. He said he’d be right over.

I let V into the house and guided him to the bedroom. He wasted no time in showing me exactly what he had been fantasising about for the last week. He kissed me fervently before pushing me back onto the bed. His head was between my legs before I could compose myself. His soft tongue worked its way all over my pussy and swollen clit. After the second orgasm I lifted his head to kiss him, tasting my arousal.

He stood up and took off his clothes which I protested against, given he was only over for a blow job. He smiled as he stripped, revealing the body I had admired through photos. His cock was hard and eager to be sucked. I obliged eagerly, taking the entire length of his shaft into my mouth. I looked lasciviously up at him.

“How fucking beautiful are you?”, he whispered.

He kept those blue eyes on me as I sucked him. As he got close, he took his cock into his hand and jerked it vigorously, not letting his gaze on my face drop. He came with such force that I felt his cum spurt hard against my face and into my mouth, heavy drops of it falling onto my breasts. All the while as he recovered, he never stopped looking at me.

“So will you have more of that tomorrow morning if we can hook up?”
“Fuck yes.”

My husband came home shortly afterwards and I told him what we got up to. He looked at me incredulously and asked why I didn’t just fuck him. I sighed. I would have asked if it was OK but people generally turn their phones off at the movies, and I didn’t want to do what I didn’t have permission to do.

Fail #3

The next morning I waited to see if V was still interested in making our date complete. It took a while to get a response and by the time I did, I had committed to a fitness class. I offered to either change my plans or to visit him as soon as I finished. Unfortunately, in the midst of relaying my intentions to my husband, I let V think I was on my way to him.

I didn’t realise that V actually needed to check out around the time I expected to finish my class. As I arrived at the hotel, he messaged to say that he had to leave fairly soon and we should take a raincheck. I rushed up to his room and knocked on the door. V was naked save a towel around his waist. He had waited almost an hour for me to turn up.

I apologised to V profusely and conceded that we should try and meet again some other time. The last thing I wanted was to make him late to a meeting. V simply smiled at me seductively and ordered me into the bathroom to have a shower. A little confused, I peeled off my gym clothes and rinsed my sweaty body under the hot water.

I was about to turn off the water when I felt strong arms wrapping around me. Turning me around to face him, V leaned in for a kiss. I was receptive but now even more confused. I broke away gently and suggested that we dry off. V pulled me back under the water with him.

“You’re not going anywhere.”

V’s mouth was back on mine, searching out my tongue with his. His hard, muscular body was pressed against me in the shower. I reached my hand down between his legs and pulled on V’s hard cock. He groaned with pleasure; his penis finally getting the attention that was promised. I knelt down onto the tiled floor and put my lips over the head of his cock. I clearly needed to make amends.

After a while, I stood up and kissed V hungrily as the steam swirled around us.

“Are you going to fuck me?”

V grinned at me and put a hand against my neck. I could tell from his eyes that he wanted nothing more than to put his cock deep inside me but he wasn’t going to give me the satisfaction. V started stroking his shaft with his other hand, moving it faster as I looked up at him pleadingly. I could tell he was getting close to coming from the grunts escaping from his mouth.

“Touch my balls.”

Obediently, I cupped his balls and squeezed them gently, grazing the rippled skin with my nails. V’s grunts became louder as he applied frenzied strokes on his cock. I looked down and saw the spurts of cum emerge before disappearing with the falling water. All the while, he kept his eyes on me, penetrating me with that gaze.

V left town and I was left feeling deprived. My husband couldn’t fathom why a man wouldn’t take advantage of a quickie. I wondered too but on the other hand, I got the feeling V wasn’t someone who wanted to rush a good meal.

I’d say he also likes knowing he’s left me wondering and wanting. It’ll make for a very warm welcome should he come back for a visit.

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