The Lazy Hotwife

Based on the lack of posts so far this year, I’m sure you’re inclined to agree that I’m one lazy ass Hotwife, however that’s not quite the premise of this post. I’ve been pretty busy lately with both work and family life chewing into my spare time, so being an active Hotwife has taken a backseat in 2021. That’s not to say I’m not having fun (as fans on my Only Fans account will attest to), but I just currently don’t have the time nor inclination to go on the online prowl as much as in previous years.

Lazy HotwifeIn fact, it was after a recent play date with one of our regular Bulls that I realised that my focus had changed somewhat in regards to my Hotwifing goals. Around the time that I started this blog, my appetite for fresh meat was voracious. I rarely thought ahead as to whether the guy we’d meet was someone we’d want an ongoing arrangement with. Of course, we both liked the idea of a trusty regular, but if truth be told, I think I actually preferred arranging play with a new Bull. I didn’t particularly care if I played with him again or not. The thrill of the chase, as they say?

Now, I think I’ve done a 180° and can’t be bothered seeking out new Bulls. I’ve got three semi-regular Bulls and really only time for one or two play sessions a month, so there’s no burning need to interview more guys at this stage. I’m sexually attuned to my regular Bulls too, so the sex is satisfying without much effort and zero awkwardness, if that makes sense. In fact, I felt that same sense of satisfaction that I get with my favourite sex toy, as I did with the Bull from my last play date: he’s reliable, he gets me off, and there are no surprises nor disappointments. What more could a Hotwife want?

Of course, I still very much enjoy going on flirty drink dates, but a couple of dates this year actually made me question why I bother meeting single guys (one wasn’t actually single…), so I’m no longer wasting my time on ‘maybes’. If I don’t think the meet will lead to some great sex, I’ll pass. My husband agrees; until someone on The Site ticks all our boxes, we’re content with our current situation. I won’t lie. I do still look daily to see if any new eligible Sydney stud joins The Site, but so far it’s been grim pickings. Oh how I miss sampling the goods of other cities, but I can’t see us travelling around so much this year either.

Winter’s a big cock blocker too and going out at night is becoming less and less appealing. Our regular Bulls provide ‘home delivery’ during the day so that’s yet another reason why we’re not overly keen on arranging a hotel play at night with new guys who may or may not blow my mind socially or sexually. We could definitely be coaxed out of our cosy home if the right man made us an enticing offer but that’s actually a rare occurrence. Most of the time we end up chasing up guys who showed fervent interest during the week but conveniently stop answering messages over the weekend. Who can blame me for opting to stay warm and comfy in my Oodie and binge on Netflix for the next two months?

Funnily enough, since starting this post we’ve ended up in another lockdown so we currently don’t have the choice to go out and play anyway! I may be lazy but I’m still an optimist so we’ll see what the next half of 2021 brings. We’re still in the midst of some weird, crazy, unpredictable times so as long as we’re all healthy and safe, I can’t complain. I always view a break, whether taken voluntarily or not, as a good chance to focus on other things in life, and as a general rule, I’m pleasantly surprised in the Bull department when I least expect it.

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