My ‘Type’: Who is the Perfect Man?

My husband said to me the other day that I have a type. He noticed this a while ago when I sent through all the usernames of men I fancied from The Site. I hadn’t really thought about it but I agreed that I did appear to gravitate towards a particular set of attributes, at least that which you can garner from profile photos alone.

Perfect Man
Actually neither are what I would consider perfect for me lol

I don’t make my preferences a secret mind you. I clearly state in my profile that I’m only interested in men in their late 20s through to mid 40s. I do appreciate an athletic body but I’m not after ridiculously cut guys who spend an extraordinary amount of time in the gym to maintain such a low body fat percentage. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t shove guys like MLR out of my bed just for being too perfect. Cut guys just seem more like a work of art than a great fuck is all.

Now, I do like my defined body but I need a reasonably intelligent head sitting on it too. I know. I don’t ask for much do I? I really can’t complain about the lack of play sessions sometimes since my taste in men doesn’t produce a very big pool to choose playmates from. Still, it’s worth waiting for the right guy as I have discovered time and time again.

I think I found my absolute ideal type a long time ago when I met B. He set a very high benchmark and I can’t say I’ve met anyone remotely close to him since then. B was a good looking Sydney stock broker in his 30s with a beautifully defined body and a decent sized cock. I wanted him the moment I met him for drinks and once he kissed me, I can’t describe the strong yearning I had deep within me to fuck him. I literally wanted to tear his clothes off. I can still feel my pussy ache thinking about him.

This is not to say that I want a replica of B although that would be outstanding. Realistically thought, I think B was an anomaly and I need to lower expectations if I want to get laid again by a new cock. All I want is that irresistible, sexy blend of everything I find attractive in a man, which I should mention here that my husband is blessed with. Having said that, I like fucking guys who are completely different in some way too.

So what is the ‘type’ that’s catching my eyes routinely? I won’t lie but a hot body does get my attention every time. If I see a profile photo boasting a toned torso then I’m guaranteed to investigate further. I’m also a sucker for well dressed men so if a profile photos shows some style then I’ll take a second look, even if the model may not be super buff.

After I ogle photos, then I check out if the body has brains. If the profile is badly written, then it’s an instant turn-off. If it’s well written enough, I’ll see how well he engages with private messages. I do enjoy cheekiness and wit. As my sexy webcam lover told me, some guys have online game. Many sadly don’t. This is a shame of course since I might actually like them in real life. I sadly don’t have the time to find out so if there’s no online rapport, that’s kinda the end of the line.

My husband thinks I’m obsessed with guys with ink but I think that’s coincidental. Or rather, many guys under 35 with a hot body generally like to adorn themselves with tattoos. I don’t blame them although you can go too far with ink. You can also get the wrong ink and turn me right off. My husband is not a fan of tattoos so I try and choose guys who don’t have a lot of artwork. Truth be told, if it was up to me, I would love to fuck a guy with a lot of cool ink.

Finally, one thing I will agree on is that I do have a strong tendency to pick Caucasian guys. MLR was my first black guy and while I definitely would enjoy some more BBC action one day, I am naturally drawn to white guys. It probably has to do with my first real boyfriend being blonde and blue-eyed. I’ve had strong attraction to guys of other races but I’m literally quite vanilla in my taste in men.

But what about cock size? It’s not actually a huge consideration for me. I’ve experienced extremely big penises and while I won’t deny it feels amazing for the first few thrusts, it does leave me feeling very sore for days afterwards. My husband isn’t huge but has a nice thickness. I therefore prefer girth over length. R was actually quite long but not particularly thick. MGT was the best of both worlds but it’s married. You can’t win them all 😉


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