The Sharing Husband

Me, me, me.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this blog is all about me. Funnily enough, it actually is. As such, I offer zero apologies for my self-indulgent ramblings and enthusiastic sharing of sordid sex sessions. Having said that, this blog really only exists thanks to my husband who enjoys sharing me as much as I love being shared.

Sharing Husband

I’ve chosen not to discuss my sharing husband in this blog too much for a number of reasons. For one, I think the male voice is heard enough where conversations about non-normative sexual lifestyles are concerned. I wanted to offer a point of view that is entirely female. Aside from that, my husband is an intensely private person and much prefers a role as a minor character in this blog.

Nonetheless, I figured people may wonder why he’s a sharing husband, so here’s a post that’s not about me for a change. Kinda… Other ‘Stags‘ may have their own reasons for sharing but here I’ll cover some personally relevant reasons:

Affirmation (Yep, she’s a hot bitch)

My husband doesn’t need another man to tell him his wife is attractive but it sure doesn’t hurt his ego being told either. He likes being reminded of his sterling decision to make me his life partner. We humans are conditioned to enjoy compliments and for my husband, there’s no bigger compliment than a guy feasting his eyes on my cleavage. The more enthusiastic a guy is about me, the more he gets out of the threesome.

Visual Stimuli

Men are indeed that proverbial visual creature. They react more readily to things they see versus things they hear or smell. Touch may be a close second of course. Given that, Hotwifing is the ultimate spectator sport for many men. My husband loves seeing me naked. He most definitely likes seeing me naked with a bunch of guys who all want a piece of the action. It’s like having your own porn channel but you get to join in too.

Sharing the Load

My husband once jokingly told me that he was happy to have other guys service me so he can take the backseat and relax. I think there’s a modicum of truth in that and I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Day to day, it can be hard for my husband and I to have decent sex. We’re busy people who lack time and energy for fun. Inviting a guy or two over is a very sexy treat. I obviously get a lot out of it but my husband also gets to enjoy me in full porn star mode but he knows he can outsource the work if he’s had enough.

Because He Can

My husband is not mired in any religious or cultural beliefs, or social norms that dictate how adults should conduct their sex life with other consenting adults. He’s also a very confident man who has the intellect to know that my fucking other men doesn’t affect our marriage. He’s got no reason to doubt my love and loyalty so jealousy doesn’t come into play. There are of course some basic rules in place to ensure I don’t cross the absolute line but for most part, we just exercise commonsense and no one gets hurt.

Overall, my husband shares me because it brings us mutual pleasure and immensely fun adventures. I may be the one getting shared but the experience is something we most certainly share together.


  1. All the reasons you listed are the EXACT reasons I enjoy sharing my wife. She is so HOT. She is my prob star. That said, my wife and I have an amazing sex life together and are immensely attracted to each other. Our hearts still pitter pat when we look at each other. So, I while I want her to enjoy having sex with other men, I most certainly do NOT want her to enjoy them more than she enjoys me. From reading many of your articles, I get the impression that you enjoy having sex morrrrre with other men that you do your husband. Am I wrong? If not, then what’s the point in being in a relationship, much less being married?

    • Hmmm… That’s a tricky one. I think it’s safer to go into Hotwifing accepting that some of the sexual encounters a wife will have with other men will be better than some (again, ‘some’ being key) of the sex she has with her husband. I don’t think I enjoy sex with other men more as much as I find it different and therefore more exciting, as does my husband. For example, sex with multiple men or sex with a monster cock is just different. I get a different high from those encounters and my husband knows it, and encourages it. His ego doesn’t get dented because some guy with two or three extra inches makes me squeal. On the flipside, I’ve also had some average sex with Bulls and my husband is as disappointed as I am about it 😉
      Let’s step out of the bedroom: I am a very good cook. I can make some seriously great food but being a working mother, sometimes scrambled eggs is about all I can manage. My husband loves me regardless of whether I make him a Michelin star worthy dish, or burn his toast. So if a woman walked into our house tonight and offered to make my husband a 5-course meal, how would I feel? I would be sooooo happy for him! He knows I can wow his taste buds but to have someone else cook something different for him? Hell yes! The point of being in a relationship is having that amazing person to share experiences with, from delicious dinner to dirty adventures.

    • I’m late to these comments by a year…

      Brandon my thoughts are, if my wife doesn’t have at least as good a time with another guy as she has with me… then what’s the point, when she can get better at home?

      Using the food analogy again, if the food at the restaurant is worse than the food at home, who would go to the restaurant?

      I want her to have the best most amazing times she can… because I LOVE her, which means, even better than sex than she has with me. The thought of her having worse sex than we have is just horrible.


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