Review: The Thruster Mini – Teddy

Do you have a fetish that really gets your blood pumping but it’s just about impossible to indulge in, or so you think? In my case, I had a bad case of wanting my very own fucking machine since watching the super hot videos at There’s something so deliciously obscene about lying in a examination chair while a machine pumps away rhythmically… I’m getting turned on just writing about it!

The Thruster Mini I was on the verge of listing ‘mechanical engineer’ as a requirement for playfriends on The Site, when finally there appeared to be a solution to my fucking machine need. I came across The Thruster on Instagram last year and needless to say, I was instantly intrigued. Nay, aroused. The Thruster promised to deliver the consistent, powerful thrusting that no other portable sex toy on the market at the time could. I adored my Fun Factory Stronic Bi Fusion, which provides a more pulsating sensation, but I needed… more…

“A happy medium between power and portability”, The Thruster is the perfect alternative to getting a dildo and pumping it yourself (oh the cramping…), or buying a convoluted, floor-mounted set-up. In the latter’s case, you’d also need a spare, private room to keep it, and trust me when I say that it’s not a cheap option. The most basic machine costs well over 300 USD. I didn’t need to explore my fetish that badly, but The Thruster gave me some renewed hope.

I immediately parted with some coins and hoped that my investment (199 USD) was worth it. I won’t lie: The Thruster is easily my most expensive toy taking into consideration the shipping as well. It’s definitely worth joining the Velvet Co’s newsletter for a substantial discount. Velvet Co. is run by a husband and wife team so they they manage the PR and customer service alongside production and development. I did experience a minor hiccup with Velvet Co. but it was eventually rectified to my satisfaction.

The Thruster Mini Teddy
Click image to see me demonstrate Teddy 😉

I had initially ordered The Thruster (which received a glowing review) but Velvet Co. informed me after purchase that they had run out of them. My options were to wait a month for the new shipment, or try The Thruster Mini instead. I was actually in two minds about the bigger Thruster so this gave me more food for thought. The Thruster Mini (Teddy) was smaller and apparently less powerful, but it was more affordable (149 USD) and had a suction base. Finally, I read the super comprehensive review by Phallophile Reviews and opted to have Teddy delivered ASAP.

While waiting for The Thruster Mini (which I’ll refer to now as Teddy), I worried that I made the wrong decision. I’m a very impatient woman and sometimes I regretted the choices made as a result. The Thruster had a longer shaft and a more powerful motor. What if Teddy just felt like the lethargic prodding of a man who hated sex? After all, I was chasing that hardcore fucking machine experience. Was I setting myself up for disappointment?

Well I am happy to report that Teddy well and truly delivered. The package didn’t take too long to arrive from the States to Australia. The Thruster Mini’s expense is definitely in the main unit as it doesn’t come in luxe packaging with glossy instructions. That didn’t really worry me but I know some people are finicky about presentation. I had to find an international adapter to charge Teddy so it took a few agonising days to organise myself a play session.

Once I was set up, I didn’t look back. O. M. G… I’m glad I chose Teddy with its suction base as it’s not the easiest toy to hold in place with average-sized female hands, especially if you want to pair it with one or two other toys. Teddy sturdily attached to surfaces such as tiled walls and even my bathtub. Once in place, I could get creative with positions and angles. My first orgasm with Teddy was mind-blowing, especially teamed with the Hitachi Magic Wand. Check out my Only Fans for the full video. Since then, I’ve found other ways to position Teddy and every orgasm has been amazing.

So far, Teddy has more than enough horsepower for me. The original Thruster may offer higher speed levels to emulate the ferocity of fucking machines (or a super energetic guy), but I’m not sure if I need it. I like playing with other toys in tandem so as long as I get a rhythmic thrusting at a nice pace from Teddy, I have very little trouble cumming.

Functionally, Teddy is easy to use. There’s not a lot of fiddling around with settings as there’s just a simple ON/OFF button and +/- buttons to adjust the speed. It’s not a terribly quiet machine so it’s not for those with thin walls (or maybe it is…). Teddy is easy to clean and one charge will get you a fair few play sessions. What you will need with Teddy is a good water-based lube as the silicone has a little bit of drag, like Fun Factory toys. Still, if you see the amount of lube used in Fucking Machine vids, that’s just common sense.

In terms of size, Teddy is manageable even if you choose to use it as a hand-held toy as it’s not heavy. You just have to remember to hold it still as it does all the pumping for you. The shaft is just on that average size which may suit most women but I personally prefer a little more stretch. I might heed Phallophile Review’s suggestion of putting a sleeve over Teddy for a more realistic sensation and girth. For the time being, it’s perfectly fine on its own and I think it’ll help me experiment with squirting.

I bought Teddy more than a year ago when the Australian dollar was performing OK so while it wasn’t cheap then, it was money well spent. With our dollar doing dreadfully at the moment, getting a randy mechanical engineer to build me a floor-mounted system might be cheaper, but even so, I would still find the funds to buy Teddy all over again for some quality self pleasure sessions. It’s just that good.

I believe there are similar thrusting toys on the market now and some sex toy reviewers have tested them, but I am beyond satisfied with Teddy so I won’t be looking at any other thrusting toy.

Now to try and find some self-isolating private time to enjoy Teddy. Wish me luck!

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