Things That Get Me Wet

Here are some things that get me wet. Most are things I’ve actually experienced but some are fantasy. Can you guess which?

V Line

His hand on my neck as he kisses me.

My nipples getting flicked or thumbed.

Things That Get Me Wet

A man who know when to pull back from a kiss and make me want more.

A man who knows when to pull out and tell me to beg him to fuck me.

His hand on the back of my neck during a sexy conversation.

Feeling his erection through his pants while we kiss.

Men who know how to talk dirty during sex.

Her long hair sweeping over my body.

A hand massage.

Seductive aftershave.

Well defined external oblique muscles (aka V Line).




  1. “A man who knows when to pull out and tell me to beg him to fuck me.”

    I do that with my wife pretty frequently. I’ll go down on her and she’ll get super wet and close to cumming and then I’ll stop and basically tease her pussy with my cock, not going in far but far enough to get her excited. After about 3 or 4 minutes of this, she’s begging to be fucked but I don’t give in…just yet. I might pull back and tell her to masturbate for me while I stroke my cock watching. Then I’ll start cock teasing her again as she masturbates and is begging to be hammered. She’ll then usually take it missionary or get in doggy style to get fucked really hard. It’s so much fun for both of us and we both cum insanely hard from it.

    • He he. Hot 😉 It’s the tease and denial aspect that gets me I think. I like not being able to have what I want, right away anyway lol

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