Three Bulls and a Hotwife – Part 2

Continuing on from Three Bulls and a Hotwife – Part 1

With the look that K gave me, I knew exactly what he had in mind for me.

Left alone with three horny guys, I had the thrill of all possible combinations of penetration that three cocks offered me. Each experienced the pleasure of my pussy, made extra tight by the presence of another cock up my ass. I soon lost track of who I was sucking and who was fucking my holes. It didn’t matter as I enjoyed being positioned and penetrated as the guys saw fit. Everything they did pushed me towards yet another orgasm.

An hour into our group session, I was far from the composed lady in her tight fitting dress sipping on cocktails at the bar. The wall mirror revealed my true form: a slut wife with messy hair and smudged makeup. My lips were puffy from hard cocks relentlessly sliding in and out of my mouth. My body glistened with sweat and I caught sight of various marks from where hands and fingers gripped my limbs and buttocks, positioning me into the most obscene poses. I had been well and truly used as a fuck toy and I loved it.

I lay back on the bed to catch my breath but I knew the fun wasn’t over. None of the guys were ready to cum and call it a night quite yet. They had some other dirty things to try. K and L had successfully got both their cocks into my pussy the last time we played and I guessed correctly that they were ready to enjoy that kink again. YB pushed my legs apart and planted his mouth over my eager mound. I let him tongue my clit to get my hole as slick as possible.

K lay sat back on the bed and motioned for me to go reverse cowgirl on him. I lifted my ass a little and let K pull me onto his cock, giving me that huge rush. L then moved in front of me with his 9-incher and gently pushed it against K’s dick which was firmly inside my pussy. Soon I felt the overwhelming stretch of two cocks penetrating my tight hole. L slowly started thrusting which made my eyes roll back in ecstasy. It was almost like an out-of-body experience. K groaned too from the exquisite pressure against his cock.

YB watched the DVP in awe. He had his big, hard prick in his hand, stroking it slowly as he watched my face contort with each thrust. K and L decided that it was YB’s turn to experience that extra tight fit. K ordered YB to lay back on the bed before moving to lie opposite him, legs scissored to get his cock as close to YB’s as possible. I had done this position before so I eagerly squatted over the two upright dicks. I put K’s cock inside me first and YB enthusiastically squeezed his in gradually. He let out a loud groan as he snaked his full length in, but it paled in comparison to the scream that escaped my mouth as my pussy was used in this most filthy way.

As amazing as DVP was, we each untangled ourselves from each other and took a drink break. My husband had popped in earlier to make sure I was still a happy slut wife. He asked if we all had enough and fancied having something to eat at the bar. I looked to the three guys to see if anyone was ready to throw in the towel but their cocks told me otherwisee. My husband laughed and took a seat on the lounge.

“I hope you’re ready to finish with a bang,” grinned K as he pushed me back onto the bed and took hold of my ankles.

K pulled a leg over to one side and inserted himself between my thighs. Being scissored was a guaranteed way to turn me into a quivering mess and K knew it. He fucked me hard with a look of pure self-satisfaction on his face. He knew he was giving me another amazing night of hard fucking and that I’d be thinking about him and the other guys for weeks to come until I begged them to use me again. Sending a woman crazy with lust with good fucking was what K loved doing.

I could hardly focus on anything other than the relentless thrusting which was only interrupted briefly by L who wanted to plunge his long dick in me again. He took me the same way, his extra length really hitting me deep in that position. L too had that smug look on his face. He knew his cock was owning my pussy right now. Finally YB had his turn. It felt so naughty to be passed around and having the guys use my hole to get closer to cumming.

I was nearing the end of my limit for fucking which was just as well since K was ready to orchestrate the finale. He told the guys to stand around me as I took whatever cock was closest into my mouth. I sucked on one, then took two into my mouth before doing my best to take all three dicks in. I was in a cock-sucking trance which delighted the guys no end. Before them was the most perfect cock slut and soon they would make her hungry for their cum.

I remembered that K gets particularly turned on seeing me suck multiple cocks and from that glazed look in his eyes, I could tell he needed to unload. I sucked on his engorged shaft but he soon pulled it away from me and pushed my head towards L’s cock. He wanted to watch me suck him and YB. He pulled on his dick hard and it didn’t take long before a stream of hot cum covered my face. I looked up at him with a mouthful of L’s cock. He smiled back with deep admiration.

Like a chain reaction, YB couldn’t hold his load any longer and I felt another spurt of cum land on my face. L pulled out of my mouth and as I looked up at him, the eye contact was enough to trigger one last serve of cream to complete the Bukkake. As the guys recovered from their well-deserved orgasms, they stood back and admired their work. They had truly destroyed a Hotwife and left her looking like the cock slut she was but at the same time they were in awe of a woman who loved fucking as much as they did.

K and YB led me into the bathroom and turned on the shower. We rinsed our bodies off two hours of solid fucking. K kissed me sensually while YB ran more water over my body. Both men agreed that the post-sex moment was hot and they could feel the stirring in their cocks again. I could have been persuaded to open my legs for more but as L was due to meet friends and the need to eat some food did ultimately prevail, we dried off and got dressed.

In the elevator going back down to the bar, a group of revelling young men got on from another floor. They took one look at me in my form fitting dress, my husband and our three friends. There were some hushed whispers and excited giggles as they got in.

“You don’t know the half of it, boys,” I said to myself.


  1. This was a great read, I feel like I would love to see my wife like this!! But then reality sets in and you never really know how it will go, we (she) played around some a few years ago and I really enjoyed the rush it gave me, and hearing her tell of her conquests, until one of them caught feelings and made things terribly awkward, she hasn’t played since but I’m really really wanting her to. I sometimes drive myself crazy with why do I want this so badly, but when the desire is there it’s very very strong, for me anyway, I would love to see her get deep into the lifestyle with multiple lovers!!

    • Hey there. Thanks 🙂 Yeah, like anything I think Hotwifing should involve a set of rules or things can go wrong, and through no fault of your own sometimes! It’s hard knowing if a guy is likely to catch feelings though but we’ve never been in that situations as we don’t seem to see the same guy more than a few times LOL Not deliberately, but perhaps that’s not a bad rule in itself. I hope your wife considers trying again but perhaps with some rules on how many times you see the same guy?

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