Three Bulls and a Hotwife – Part 1

As wives go, I’m pretty low maintenance. I don’t expect my husband to buy me expensive jewellery, take me to Michelin-Star restaurants or fly me to exotic destinations around the world. He knows that I can spoil myself in those sorts of ways if I wanted to. Besides, a real Stag knows how to truly spoil Vixen so for Christmas, my husband made sure I had not one, but three Bulls to satisfy my Hotwife urges.

Three Bulls and a HotwifeSometimes the best presents just happen. I got a message from my playfriend K who told me our mutual friend L was in town for Christmas. It had been over a year since we caught up with the two of them together so when I told my husband the news, he gave me the green light to organise some fun. I picked a date that worked for all of us and my husband booked a swanky hotel room in the city.

I was looking forward to getting Dr D in the mix too but as usual, he was out of town. K offered to bring along a guy he had been double-teaming with lately but I initially balked at his age. Having a strong preference for guys in their thirties or older, I wasn’t overly enthused by the services of a 25-year-old. My husband on the other hand thought a young buck was exactly what I needed so I bit the bullet and told K to bring YB along.

We decided to meet at the hotel bar in the late afternoon for a quick drink. Having met K and L a few times before, my husband was happy for me to fly solo and get the party started. He would join a little later on to make sure I was enjoying my present. Even though I’m generally DTF and could have got the party underway ASAP, I like to have a flirty drink beforehand. I was wearing a tight fitting dress with no underwear and I wanted the men to work that out and get worked up. Call it foreplay of sorts.

I needn’t have worried about YB. He was a good looking lad who was laid-back and friendly. He could hold a decent conversation and the age gap didn’t feel like the giant chasm that it quite often feels like once a millennial opens his mouth. To be honest, I was that horny that it probably wouldn’t have mattered if he was young, dumb and full of cum. I was more than ready to take it.

It was nice catching up with K and L and getting to know YB, but after my second cocktail, I needed a lot less conversation and way more action. When I suggested going up to the room, the guys didn’t need to be told twice. They eagerly followed me to the elevator and we proceeded up to the room. As always, my husband sensibly got a room at the end of the corridor which would not get any passing traffic. Not that I cared who heard me.

Once in the room, I was immediately besieged by three hungry wolves. I knew I had whet their appetite at the bar but I didn’t expect the ferocity with which they started devouring me. L kissed me while K stood behind me, letting his hands explore my hips and ass. He pulled up the stretchy material of my dress to reveal naked buttocks. YB slid a strap off my shoulder to free a breast. He had noticed how hard my nipples were at the bar through my dress. Now he had one in his mouth while L’s mouth found the other.

For a long while I stood in a trance while three pairs of hands felt every part of my body. Three mouths and tongues tasted my soft, exposed flesh. A four-hand massage had nothing on being touched, explored and teased by three young studs. I waited for one of them to discover a surprise. Unsurprisingly, it was K who loved ass play the most who found my butt plug. He delighted in his discovery since a primed hole was much easier to slide into.

I wiggled out of my dress, leaving my stilettos on. It was a cue for the guys to get naked too. Soon, there were three beautiful hard cocks before me, standing at full attention. I instantly got on my knees and greedily grabbed at two while sucking on one. I took turns getting each dick slippery and wet so I could use my hands to please whichever cock wasn’t in my mouth. I sucked and licked ferociously as each of the boys presented their cock. I looked up and saw the look of lust on their faces. I could tell they now wanted more than my mouth.

L helped me up and got me on the bed. I lay back and let him slide his 9-incher into my mouth. K pushed my legs apart to admire my shaven wet pussy and butt bling. He buried his face in my crotch and started licking my swollen clit. I groaned in pleasure but the sound was muffled by L fucking my mouth. K loved seeing that and he smiled at me. I must have looked like a complete cock slut. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, YB offered his big cock to suck too. L then took K’s place and hungrily ate my pussy.

The build up was almost unbearable by the time YB took his turn to taste my juices. It’s hard to describe the ecstasy of pleasuring two cocks with my mouth while a young stud went all out to prove that he knew how to lick pussy. I arched my back which K read as the perfect time for him to put a condom on and fuck me. I loved being eaten but I was craving to have a cock deep inside me. When K pushed himself all the way in, I couldn’t hide how good it felt. K grinned as he thrust slowly. He knew I needed to ease into the pounding yet  to come.

For now, K was content to be the warm-up act, making way for L who I knew was dying to get his big dick in and fuck hard. Positioning himself between my legs, he fingered my dripping hole before pulling the butt plug out to reveal another tempting orifice. First though, he was going to enjoy my tight pussy and remind me how well he could fill me up with his nine inches. I gasped loudly as I felt the stretch. I had to give credit to K as it didn’t take long for L’s fast thrusting to make me cum hard.

Before I could recover, K encouraged YB to get his share of me before I became everyone’s fuck toy. YB kissed me gently and smiled. He was sweet but I could tell that he wasn’t going to hold back once his cock was inside me. YB fucked me slowly at first but once he could see how much more I wanted, he fucked hard and fast. I could have easily cum again but the boys had other plans.

YB pulled out and lay on the bed, encouraging me to get on top. I straddled YB and eased myself back onto his cock. I rode him for awhile until L moved behind me, keen to get his dick into an ass he knew could handle his size. As soon as L got his entire rod up my ass, YB groaned from the tightness against his own cock. He laid back, enjoying the motion of L’s rapid ass fucking and watching the intense pleasure washing over me.

“This is so fucking hot…”, gasped YB.
“Oh we’ve only just started mate”, K replied with a smirk.

With the look that K gave me, I knew exactly what he had in mind for me.


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