Twitter Fatigue

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update post so here we go! I’m happy to report the life’s good. I can’t complain one bit. I’m working hard and staying busy which I’m grateful for given this year has seen a lot of people having to tough it out for various reasons related to COVID-19. I truly hope everyone out there is going well. I’m looking forward to the summer break and (maybe) finally visit Queensland!

Twitter FatigueIn terms of being a Hotwife, this year hasn’t really been that different. There were periods during lockdown when we obviously couldn’t meet anyone but it wasn’t dissimilar to previous years when we’d have a month or two of laying low socially anyway. Given there were times when we genuinely worried that someone could bring the virus into our lives, we were very content to enjoy our own company.

Eventually things got back to normal and we started playing again which was a fun treat. Work was busy however so I found that between enjoying the good Hotwife Life and managing the real world, something had to give. Those of you that follow me on Twitter may have noticed that I’ve been pretty absent there lately. Yep. I have me some Twitter Fatigue after four years there.

Don’t get me wrong. I do love a good balanced dose of social media and I can’t deny that Twitter’s been a great way to meet and interact with like-minded souls but I can see how some people get caught up in it 24/7. There’s FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and if you do rely on Twitter to spruik content for Only Fans and the like, then it’s an unrelenting machine that demands your full attention, lest you lose out on followers and likes. My feed is a constant reminder that I’m not doing enough promotional work.

I noticed after the pandemic was announced that more and more people used Twitter to promote some form of content subscription. I can’t knock this since I had been doing that myself, but with what seemed like a 200% increase in people vying for subscribers, I felt a bit lost in the noise. I used to enjoy sharing content on Twitter but it started feeling like throwing a semi-precious gem into a giant canyon. Who knows if anyone would find it!? In that sense, Only Fans is like a dedicated museum where I can put my goodies on display for those who specifically want to see it.

I got approached by a few women to join ‘RT Groups’, but that just made me feel even less excited about Twitter. I have great followers and the last thing I wanted to do was flood their feed with Only Fans links of people I didn’t really know that well, and to be frank, whose content I found to be… meh. I got kicked out of the groups anyway for lack of activity! It’s a hard gig being on Twitter for anything other than a bit of social fun.

In that respect, I enjoy Instagram more and spent more time over the last year posting photos there. Sure, I have to be careful about what I post on Insta, but that was half a fun challenge in itself. I find it easier to engage with people there too as it doesn’t seem as noisy. Instagram frowns on promoting content for profit so it feels less disingenuous showing off my lady parts, albeit blurred or covered up.

Only Fans is still a lot of fun for me. I guess it’s where my committed fans hang out and it’s a pleasure to share my body and lifestyle with them. The audience is pretty small so I don’t feel like I’m posting pointlessly. The extra pocket money isn’t bad either of course, but I won’t be giving up my day job quiet yet!

So in a nutshell, I’m still here and while I may have less new topics to write about, I still enjoy documenting my Hotwife journey. I may not be very active on Twitter in future but I am very happy to have this blog as a platform to share my thoughts and interact with readers who write in and leave comments (many thanks!). I’m definitely around on Instagram and Only Fans as well, but I’ll post content when I want to rather than because I feel I should.


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