Review: Vibease Jewel Collection

The innovative folk at Vibease dropped a gorgeous new range last month called the Jewel Collection. When I first saw the promotion for the collection, I was immediately drawn to the pretty pastel colours and soft contours of the playful trio: Ruby, Emerald and Onyx. Of course, one shouldn’t buy a sex toy based on aesthetics alone so when I was given the opportunity by Vibease to test drive Ruby, I jumped on the opportunity.

The Jewel Collection is aptly described as “classic vibrators with a modern spin”. In a market full of pulsing, sucking, blowing and thrusting toys, it’s a relief to get back to basics and enjoy some good old-fashioned vibrations again. I enjoyed Vibease’s Smart Vibrator last year so I was looking forward to seeing what Ruby had to offer me, and you know I have a rather large collection of toys to compare it to!

Firstly, how good is it to take something out of its packaging and start using it? I hate reading instructions or waiting for things to charge or update. When a woman is horny, you don’t ask her to wait (a hint for the newbie Bulls out there 😜). Ruby is ready to play straight out of the box, which is handy as I was very keen to know what the “double-tongued tip” would feel like. I had seen similarly contoured toys before but I was a little incredulous as to how much pleasure they really offered over a standard vibrator.

My first impression of Ruby in hand was how good it felt. Really good! The silicone was super smooth and almost like touching human skin. Its size (5.3 inches long and under an inch wide) is just perfect to handle which is a big consideration. Some toys are just too bulky and cumbersome to use successfully, especially for smaller hands. Ruby is more like a mini wand and as such, very easy to manipulate at crotch level. No arm cramping to reach the right spot!

Ruby has all the standard vibration patterns you want in a vibrator. There’s certainly no need to reinvent the wheel in this respect so I was able to easily cycle through Ruby to find the patterns that suited me best. The dual tips were surprisingly gentle even on the highest vibration setting which was a relief as I did initially wonder if Ruby’s tips might actually be irritating on my soft lady parts. Happily, the vibrations were pleasant so I was able to lie back, relax and let Ruby do its thing.

In terms of providing pleasure, Ruby will satisfy people who are seeking a gentle initiation to vibrating toys, as well as those who want a more teasing experience for orgasm denial or edging sessions. I have to be honest and say that for some women, Ruby won’t give you an orgasm under one minute. Of course, not all women want to get off ASAP, all of the time so I feel Ruby is perfect for that indulgent, extended-play sessions when you’re not in a rush to achieve the Big O. In particular, being so easy to handle, Ruby is a great accompaniment for watching porn, delivering a more prolonged and organic orgasm. You can easily imagine that it’s some sexy Bull between your legs… Anyway, I digress.

The one and only thing that bugged me about Ruby is the On/Off button which can be hard to locate without looking at the wand. As long as you have your thumb over the little button during use, it’s fine but if you rotate Ruby just a smidgen, then you may lose track of it, just when you want to up the tempo or try a new vibration pattern. Other than that, Ruby is a lovely addition to my personal collection and one that’s travel friendly, which is another bonus.

Vibease Ruby in a Nutshell

  • Clitoral vibrator with quivering double-tongued tip for precise pleasure
  • 7 Vibration intensities and patterns offer versatile play options
  • Soft silicone fits comfortably in your hand
  • Solo fun or as a great accompaniment to foreplay
  • USB rechargeable. Up to 3 hours of play, no more batteries
  • Waterproof for fun moments in the shower

Ruby, Emerald and Onyx can be purchased from the Vibease website. If you’d like to see Ruby in action then join me here πŸ˜‰

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