Vibease: Aural pleasure

Remember being a horny teenager in the 80s or 90s, long before the Internet gave us porn on tap? You really had to get creative back then to get your rocks off. Those lucky few could get their hands on some bootleg VHS porn but the rest of us relied on dog-eared Penthouse mags stolen from a male relative’s shed, or watching scenes from Basic Instincts on repeat. I don’t think the current generation know how easy they’ve got it!

As for me, I mostly found titillation in literature. Granted, what I read were hardly literary masterpieces but they were brimful of potent, provocative words that evoked some very salacious imagery. Just one chapter and I’d be ready to turn in for the night (if you know what I mean). I lost count of the times I borrowed Shirley Conlan’s Lace from the school library, and pretty much everything written by Jackie Collins.

Erotica is of course still very much a beloved source of sexual arousal despite the likes of PornHub being one click away. Not all of us are purely visual creatures and there’s nothing like the mental escapism that erotica provides. Then you have audiobooks. Add the aural stimulus of a sexy voice reading erotica to you and it’s almost the perfect night in. Almost? Well that’s where the Vibease Vibrator comes in.

Recognising the stimulatory power of words and sounds, Vibease created an app controlled vibrator that works hand in hand with hundreds of audio and audiobooks that can be accessed via the Vibease app. The vibrator vibrates in perfect sync with erotic audiobooks so if a stranger in a story is gently caressing your thigh, you’ll get a range of soft vibrations. Descriptions of vigorous touches will set off more intense rumbles.

The vibrator itself is lovely to hold and handle. Made of durable and body-safe silicone, it’s lightweight and can easily be used hands-free. Unlike other vibes, it’s contoured perfectly to sit right against the clitoris. I haven’t seen too many other compact vibrators and bullets that consider female anatomy the same way. When tucked in under some panties, the vibrator is barely noticeable, making public play an option too. Mmm… the thought of being at a cafe while a Bull tells me what he plans to do to me later.

The vibrator has all the standard features you’d expect in 2019: it’s waterproof and rechargeable, and has range of vibration intensity. However, unlike other toys, you can use the Vibease App to control the level of vibration, which certainly beats fumbling around under the covers pushing buttons randomly. The best part about the vibrator is that it’s relatively silent. Aside from it being discreet while in public, it also doesn’t distract from your solo moment in bed listening to someone talking dirty to you.

Being a Bluetooth enabled device with an accompanying App, the Vibease vibrator is also  geared for long-distance play. Give your play partner access to your vibrator via the App and they will be able to pleasure you from afar. The App includes a messaging feature too so you can chat and play fairly seamlessly. I haven’t had a chance to try the Vibease for long distance play yet (my Only Fans followers are welcome to try) but as a proponent of self pleasure, I tend to use toys solo.

So my verdict on the Vibease? I love that someone has finally married erotic audiobooks with a vibrator. As a standalone toy, it’s more than sufficient to make me orgasm, though some people may still find the highest setting wanting. I think the Vibease is awesome as an edging toy to use with the accompanying stimulation of sexy audio via its App. The vibrator is comfortable to use and wear, so for longer solo sessions, it’s very ideal. The battery lasts for three hours with one charge so the hardcore edgers can read a whole book!

If you or your partner is a lover of naughty tales and listening to sensual sounds of sex, then consider the Vibease as a last minute Christmas present. The Vibease is on special currently so grab one now and spend the holiday season… happy and satisfied 😛


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