Webcam Sex

Many moons ago when the Internet was something only some households bothered to set up, webcam sex was just about the horniest way to spend a night in on your own. Many may argue it still is today (ask the thousands of folk on Chaturbate) but when webcamming was in its nascency, it truly revolutionised masturbation. It sure left phone sex for dead.

Webcam Sex
I guess it is kinda fun… still…

I have to admit that I got a bit addicted to webcam sex. This was when Yahoo chat rooms dominated online interactions and people knew what a dial-up connection sounded like. While attached and happy, I was titillated by the number of guys (American quite often) who were keen to see some naked boobs on webcam and send some very filthy messages.

I found the attention very flattering, which I guess was the initial lure of webcamming. You could easily hook up without putting a whole lot of effort into your outward appearance. I had a long standing online sex affair with an American guy. Such was my naivety that I never wondered why he didn’t appear on webcam for me. I was just too happy being the obliging exhibitionist. Well, he sounded hot and he sent me an impressive torso shot. Needless to say, I learnt what catfishing meant early on in the game.

At any rate, shortly after discovering webcam sex, I started swinging with my partner. My webcam started getting used more often to verify that a couple we met online were the real deal. There wasn’t much point using the webcam for online fun with a prospective couple since it was so much more fun to meet in person and fuck for real. Webcam sex became a tedious substitute for real sex, and I never really did it again. Until this month.

A ridiculously beautiful younger guy who I’d been chatting to for a few months convinced me to give webcam sex another try. He was from my town but had moved to Europe to further his career in the entertainment business. I had wanted to meet him a number of times while he still lived in the same town but to no avail.

Instead we struck up an online interaction that I found myself enjoying. Of course, it helped that he was good looking, 6′ tall with a stunning body, and what looked to be a very nice sized cock. Best of all though, he was charming for his 27 years and very intelligent. He had a very obvious thing for older married women so I pandered to his desires. I sent him photos of me playing with my body with my wedding band clearly in view. It drove him wild.

Finally he convinced me that while picture swapping was fun, he wanted me to watch him play with his beautiful cock. He wanted to watch me finger fuck my pussy for him, imagining him drilling into me. Webcam sex just wasn’t high on my agenda but he had turned me on sufficiently with words so I relented. And it was good… Really good.

I had forgotten how much fun it was to be watched. To have someone see me, in his words, ‘lose my shit’ was exhilarating. I always enjoyed watching men play with themselves so it was an additional turn on.

It’s never going to be better than real sex, but for a horny shared wife who can’t always have some fun with a real cock, webcam sex may be a good substitute.


  1. Absolutely love your posts. My wife and I have been into the hot wife lifestyle for a little less than a year and we have not looked back! Just when we thought we couldn’t be closer or more connected and sexual, hot wifing took our marriage to a whole other level, maybe even planet!!! We have very busy lives and hot wifing can take a lot of time and effort only to be let down or stood up. I know you mentioned this in your blogs, and you’ve delt with the same. We have used SLS and Craigslist and surprisingly CL has been the must useful. My wife and I are curious what “the site” is that you use? You seem to have a lot of luck with it and we’d love to know so that we can have a higher rate of return on our time invested;) thanks so much, keep the blogs coming!

    • Hi there. Thanks very much for your comment 🙂 Yes, Hotwifing is a lot of fun! We treat it as a mutual hobby I guess. Sadly it does take time to indulge in it so we really try to make sure we meet guys who won’t waste our precious time. I’ve mostly got my formula right 😉
      I am in Australia so I don’t think The Site may deliver as much for you as Craiglist in the US would. We certainly don’t use SLS. I haven’t mentioned which site I primarily use as I don’t want to be seen to promote it and I’d like this blog to be a separate entity my actual play persona too, if that makes sense? Maybe SDC will have a better selection of guys? Lemme know how you get on and keep having fun in the meantime! x

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