Who Should Pay? (Hotwife Edition)

Some time ago I described what a single man could expect on a typical first date with me. What I didn’t think to cover was the politics of paying for date related expenses. You know, the stuff no one really thinks about until it’s time to split the bill. A Twitter follower had some good questions about who should pay for what so let’s take a look!

Who should pay for drinks/dinner?

Who Should Pay
Maybe he’ll go down on me if I pay…

If you’re a single guy meeting a Hotwife who is free to date like a single woman, then apply your usual single-on-single date etiquette. Offer to buy the first drink and offer again as appropriate. I personally don’t need more than three Margaritas to determine if I’m fucking a guy or not, so unless you’ve landed yourself a hard-drinking Hotwife, it shouldn’t be an expensive night anyway! 😅 Same deal for dinner. If you asked the Hotwife out for a meal, be prepared to foot the bill. If she invited you, then still offer to pay or contribute. Just do whatever you singles would normally do!

On a date with a Hotwife and her Stag? Things won’t differ too much but the Stag may offer to buy the first round and leave you to flirt with his wife. Do offer to get the next round but don’t turn it into a pissing contest if the Stag prefers to pay all the way. Some Stags like to ensure that their Vixen decides to fuck a guy because she wants to, rather than because of some sense of obligation. Unlike traditional, romantic dating, sex is precisely why you’re on a date so it’s not a bad idea to let a couple take control in that regard. Of course, if you in turn feel obligated to put out because a couple is plying you with top-shelf tequila, then start buying your own drinks. If that happens though, me thinks you’re possibly not that into her and have already booked an Uber to go home 😂

Who should pay for the hotel room?

If hosting for either party isn’t an option then playtime has to happen in a hotel room. Personally, my husband and I prefer to get a room with no obligation for our playfriend to contribute. Some guys have offered to get a nice bottle of champagne which is a very nice gesture but it’s not expected. We went on a date once with a new guy who got a room, ostensibly for him to stay overnight in regardless of how the night panned out. I was attracted enough to the guy to play but it could have ended unpleasantly if he expected pussy as payment in kind. Of course, we would never feel pressured to play, but to avoid any unsexy vibes, we prefer to be on neutral ground or be entirely in control. I would suggest this is the case for solo-flying Hotwives too.

Of course, not all couples can spring for a room every time they want some hot action so in such cases, it’s wise to have a chat about expenses before making plans. If you already know the guy, then it shouldn’t be hard to work something out. If you’re comfortable for your playfriend to pay for a room, then great. Otherwise agree to go Dutch. If you haven’t met each other before but sex is a likely outcome, then look into the availability of hotel rooms in your area. Arrange to have a late afternoon or early evening drink and if you float each other’s boats, book a room online and get it on. The last thing you want is being left out of pocket because playtime (or even the date) didn’t happen.

Single men can decide if it’s worth offering to get the room, but it’s also not unreasonable to ask the other party to pay half or some. If you’ve met a Hotwife or couple who simply can’t contribute then it’s up to you to decide how much you want to get laid. Sounds horribly politically incorrect but it does come down to that. If you happen to be a couple who is just as eager to get laid but can’t spare the expense then do at least offer to buy some drinks or snacks to get you through the evening.

Shouldn’t the guy pay for everything?

Yo! It’s 2018. Let’s accept that women want sex as much as men so be prepared to open your purse as well as your legs (sorry to be crude!). At least be mindful of keeping things somewhat even-steven so if a guy has paid for a room, then insist on buying him a drink. I think regular dating etiquette and general manners should prevail. Most men don’t mind paying outright but they do appreciate their generosity being acknowledged in some way, and I’m not talking about a blow job. Provide awesome company even if sex isn’t in the offing. It takes no effort to be polite for an hour or two before making your excuses.

Now, I don’t want to get into socio-economic or gender-based power play discussions, but if as a Hotwife you simply feel sexier being indulged by a man then so be it. In turn, if as a Bull you feel the need to be in control, or as a Cuck, not have any control, then more power to y’all. Hotwifing is meant to be fun so you need to play by your own rules. The above is more or less a guideline for those who don’t otherwise have a game plan. As long as you outline your expectations for the date before you meet someone then you can forget about the logistics and simply have a great night out.

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