Why Women Cheat

There’s a guy I’ve been chatting to at length for some time now but who I’ve largely held off from meeting, other than to invite him to a swingers party which he ultimately couldn’t (wouldn’t?) attend. While inexplicably drawn to him, I think I’m holding back because he doesn’t really fit the job description. He’s a virgin to MFM threesomes and admitted early on that he’s too alpha to share. However, he was willing to make an exception for me. Thanks… Let’s call him AA (Alpha A).

Why Women Cheat

The other reason why I’m subconsciously avoiding meeting AA is that he admits to routinely fucking women who are attached. Not Hotwives, but women who are outright cheating. I don’t think he means to brag about these conquests. Rather, I suspect he doesn’t have anyone to confide in about this. Maybe he’s seeking in me a moral compass to set him back on the righteous path.

From all accounts though, the sex is too good to spare a thought for the handful of men living in blissful ignorance while their sweethearts pop out for a ‘carton of milk’. AA is however perturbed as to why he seems to get a higher than average number of attached women approaching him. I suggested that he probably had that no-strings vibe about him. Charlie Sheen’s character in Two and a Half Men comes to mind. He promises hot, hard sex with no questions asked and no emotions involved.

This has made me consider why women cheat, myself included. Obviously, the reasons why a woman in a monogamous relationship cheats are different to those of women who are in a more open relationship. I’ll probably discuss that in more detail another time, as well as whether the reasons differ between men and women. For now, here are some brief points for consideration as to why women cheat.

Boredom – A terrible reason to cheat on your partner but just like a neglected dog digs holes and chews shoes, an otherwise unattended woman will seek out entertainment.
Lack of Sex – This is usually what drives men to cheat but women aren’t that different. For women with a high sex drive, not having enough sex at home can lead to cheating too.
Spite – It seems some women cheat because they simply despise or resent their partners. As AA told me, one woman specifically returned to her partner to kiss him after AA came in her mouth. That’s pretty spiteful.
Freedom – This one applies to me. I can get permission to fuck other men but nothing is more thrilling than breaking those rules and doing my own thing.
Escapism and Experimentation – Also something that applies to me but some women want the sort of sex they don’t want to have with their life partner. Dirty, rough, degrading (to herself or the other party) sex is not something you want to do with the man whose eggs you lovingly poach on Sunday mornings.

If I think of others, I’ll add them here later. I’ll expand on some of the above points in relation to my own experiences too.


  1. As a shared wife, why would you seek freedom? I have had many lovers as a man and many “tied down ones” truly sought out because of the aforementioned fetters. However, everyone seeks thrill. Is taking on known lovers lost the luster of taboo, that behind back is the next step up? I’m truly curious about this.

    • Hello. Yes, it’s a very good question and as I touched on, I think it’s the feeling of full control that leads people to cheat, even if they can get the permission of their partners to sleep with other people. You mention freedom but that freedom still comes with restrictions for many Hotwives. There are always some rules that get challenged even for the most open relationships. I’ll definitely explore that idea in another post.

  2. Agree with this article. I too used to choose married or attached women as I thought I could ‘liberate’ them! I now have a very hotwife who gets hit on all the time. She is always up for it and I can’t keep up. I get off on it too. We are stag/vixen but i am often tempted but won’t stray

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